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  2. Good Morning I've done more jobs tonight than I've done in the last month! I need another assistant!
  3. But what about the people who died of something else but had Covid at the time? Got recorded as a Covid death. Not saying that a hell of a lot of people haven't died of it but the statistics are somewhat flawed.
  4. Boy, are you ever looking for the silver lining! I suspect the diesel will be around for a bit - can you imagine the size of the battery bank needed to keep a 20 t wagon on the road? Probably weigh 5 t all on its own.
  5. Well a bit different to the day we were sat there chilling out week and half ago!! Must admit do like there Orange drizzle cake and a cuppa
  6. Sat in a field at Sammy Miller's, so nice to be back selling after 22 month's!!!! But didn't take much .
  7. Went for a ride but really hard to be imaginative and go far when you surrounded by traffic jams... https://www.facebook.com/Wave105/photos/a.109253155777505/4238671179502328/
  8. Last time I looked the Covid deaths numbers were mapping onto the excess death figures.
  9. It was shipped half way round the world for very very little money, I was amazed it had wheels and moved
  10. During ride: Wow, like, it's so frikkin' fast. I can't believe it's so frikkin' fast. It like pulls like a train man. After ride: Wow, like, I got up to 54 mph... Has this guy ever ridden a bike before?
  11. Unlike the American! I can see it has some issues but I suspect its down to user error!
  12. I thought the bike showed promise
  13. I don't know whats worse! the bike or the American!
  14. Bagged a couple but was hoping to get about twice as many... couldn’t drag myself out of bed after a night shift though belsay hall aydon castle bp shell
  15. Should be easy enough to work out from average death stats per year.
  16. That's what I said, noise generator
  17. i had cardboard and a clothes peg on mine
  18. I am going to refrain on googling it and looking as I will just start getting millions of adverts for them
  19. There are a couple of vids on YT of unboxing and riding in USA, they do work but some interesting issues.
  20. Exhibit A. https://offer.alibaba.com/product/pageBuild.html?mark=google_shopping&biz=pla_wap&keyword=Electric+Motorcycle&product_id=62571780321&cid=100005484&pcate=100006091&language=en&pcy=gb&device_type=wap&src=sem_ggl&mark=shopping&cmpgn=12268612030&adgrp=118867603913&locintrst=&locphyscl=1006948&ntwrk=u&device=m&dvcmdl=&position=&pla_adtype=&pla_mrctid=268147557&pla_channel=online&pla_prdid=62571780321_testTitleSFC&pla_country=GB&pla_lang=en&pla_group=1167377917675&pla_localc
  21. I can see the posts coming now! Why won't my battery charge Why is it only getting 3 miles to a charge Why is the battery bulging and is it still safe to use @fastbob is going to be pulling his hair out when these Chinese electric bikes turn up
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