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  2. Don't he so sure - laser lites have a better noise reduction rating than some custom plugs - 34db vs 29 (first 5 mins)
  3. 2 months in still quiet! (lockdown) JRH-30 TimR-10
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  5. I need to stop looking at this thread when I'm at work! making me hungry and I don't bring food to work often
  6. Cbf1000 or is that a bit sporty or dull
  7. Guy down our street had a Honda cb750 in sparkly orange was ex army and single, can't remember his name but remember the bike, I wasn't allowed to touch it
  8. Glad to hear they work ok. SBS says that one you have has been discontinued though.
  9. I needed something dropping off fairly sharpish few yr back, I was 20mile from home, I rang the wife and told her to use my car as it would be quicker, but not to worry I had set boost controller to just about nothing. She turned up and remarked that it was rather scary for being set at nothing, said she had made some prat in a BMW look silly, Hmmm I had left it at 1bar, I sent her home with it set correctly.
  10. Eee aye thas raite. An back then tha'd only av pushrods n side valves to get thee abaat.
  11. I have been looking at FJR, mainly because it's a "non twin(*)" used by most services. Price-wise in general, I'd get something around 3k-5k mark to try and if it's really, really, really working - then it would be searching for a newish model. SWMBO must feel real comfy and "planted" in the back (hence comparison to Goldwing, which we've both seen only on pictures - the rear couch looks fab), I must feel "planted" on the floor (164cm, for me difficult to dual-flat-foot XJ6), bike should be a bit more powerful than XJ6 (sometimes it starts to be not enough, like today on B660 )
  12. She was pretty calm but I think it was certainly an incident she isn't going to forget. Still mutters about it darkly on occasion.
  13. That's exactly what I'm trying to understand. When seated properly these single use plugs make the whole world go significantly quiet. I think 36 or 37dB attenuation, to the extent that volume on Packtalk has to be max - or I can't hear anything.
  14. Then, as above applies. Get yourself the provisional licence and start your motorbike journey. Once you have your licence you can legally ride the Himalayan/TransAlp. Essentially once you finish the CBT you have two years to complete the MOD2. Get asking some schools for prices and how they go about the DAS.
  15. Is, it's not changed. Street I grew up in could have been Beamish, old colliery row 20 houses each side, cobled road, outside toilets, no heating complete with corner shop that would have made arkwrights look like apple store.
  16. @S-WesterlyThink she would have calmed down after 6month
  17. My wife once dropped me off at Teesside airport when we had the Alfa Romeo. On the way home the gear stick came off in her hands. According to the kids in the car she was ice cold and coped well. Given she was just accelerating onto the A1 and in 2nd gear at the time she didn't do too badly. Pre- mobile phones and a Sunday to boot. When I got home 6 months later she was quite terse about it. We also had a Saab instead.
  18. What depressed me about Beamish was a lot of the stuff in it I could remember from my grandmother's house. Some of it was also to be found in my wife's auntie's house up until about 20 years ago. Of course she did live in Newbiggin which was / is pretty backwards.
  19. I'm a UK citizen, just been out of the UK for about as long as I've been riding bikes. I'm happy to pay what I need to get the license, that no problem. But the ultimate goal is to come back to the UK, get a license and then maybe buy a Himalayan or TransAlp to go travelling with. Here in Asia I can't buy a bike, well I can and I've owned a few, but I can never legally transfer the deed/title into my name. Plus a lot of the countries I wanna go travelling to actually do require a license lol. unlike 90% of south east Asia.
  20. Got one similar that I bought from sports bike shop, I use it under the front wheel mainly, its a really good bit of kit, makes the job of cleaning much easier, this is what I use
  21. Didn't realise so many folk lived in beamish
  22. Hey, I was born in Lancashire! Don't live there though and haven't since I was 7. Fairly sure they have electric but set in their ways. However their arms are longer and their pockets are shorter than Yorkies!
  23. Yes that’s the only issue I found, they have a tendency to fall out when you take your helmet off .... haven’t lost any yet though
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