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  2. Washed the bike then cleaned/waxed the chain. Getting pi$$ed off with not having bobbins to make the rear stand an easy task to do. Fish
  3. New lid has arrived from SBS, a day early. I only ordered it yesterday afternoon. Chuffed.
  4. Probably best having its own post
  5. I still want a Webley service revolver, and i am also tempted to get another Schofield
  6. Mines called Parker Hale ............
  7. Only their given names Colt, Schofield, Remington, Winchester
  8. You have guns? Do they have names?
  9. Today
  10. Why don't the Authorities do something about this shit instead of leaving it for me to inadvertently splash in? Fortunately Death and Dismemberment was avoided........but it could have been so different!
  11. Make another post, ideally include a screenshot and a question why they've deleted it. Tweet it as well for good measure, once you "parallel post"on more than one social platform or gets difficult to delete
  12. Wasn't planned but just felt an urge to service my gun collection, dusted them down, lubricated them. I wonder if the shooting range will reopen this week
  13. I would like to thank... oh hang on. Not yet. Erm.
  14. Bought one of these for someone with the same problem n they said it’s somehow cooler than not wearing anything. I think it’s silk though so that’d explain it’s wicking non stinking properties. https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/motorcycle_parts/content_prod/468259?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIi--5_Nmn7QIVFO3tCh1aGg-cEAQYASABEgLor_D_BwE
  15. Just spray with detox after a ride and let it dry.
  16. Having rebuilt a number of older CG125's , I too do not know what part you are referring to . What year is your bike ? Maybe this is a modification . When you say the Air Filter , do you mean the Airbox or do you mean a Pod Filter ? If it's a Pod Filter then this is probably a modification done when someone realised how badly the bike ran especially when it's sucking in water . I've checked the CMSL website and I can find no reference to any rubber flaps that straddle the frame in the area of the airbox or battery . I trust this is a Honda CG125 and not one of the plethora of imitations .
  17. I'm shocked as well @Slowlycatchymonkey.......I think all the nutters homed in on me!
  18. Zoflora is really strong, my Shark Winter Helmet got damp in the garage, washed the liners but still the smell prevailed , was advised to try Zoflora neat, this has worked a treat the lemon fragranced one obviously as the other flavours are well lets say not very motorbiking friendly.
  19. Not really......but in 1970's Swansea you had to take what you could get!
  20. @XTreme with your refined delightful command of the English language I’m shocked to read you ended up cavorting with malodorous women who attack, it’s a mystery 😂
  21. Should have got her a mum rollett dildo.🤣🤣
  22. Really? I used to work with one girl in the 70's and her fanny stunk the building out! We used to tell her....."Gwenda....your fanny f@cking stinks girl.....sort it out FFS" We were a motor factors but you'd swear you'd walked into MacFisheries!
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