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  2. Hi Dynax, I agree exploring is fun. I'm aiming to try and show folk roads and lanes that they might be unlikely to find themselves and also give a commentary on the area regarding the history and wildlife from my years working all over the peaks as a conservationist , so hopefully some people might find that of interest and once they have a rough idea of the area might come back and explore further. As I go on I want to build a website showing recommended accommodation, camp sites, pubs cafe's etc. Ladybower area is great to ride, very scenic.
  3. Hi Mickly , yep that's a great area to ride, once you get off the main A53 there is an absolute maze of roads through moorland and valleys and little villages. Plenty of quiet stuff to go at. The Rock Inn (or Ye Olde Rock Inn as they call it now) is a great pub fantastic beer and food.
  4. Hey, beer isn't fruit based and nor is whisky or rum. None of your effete Mediterranean nonsense if you don't mind!
  5. drinkable Alcohol is always fruit based. I believe @Six30 suffers of some kind of gayphobia fear of trying and enjoy it...
  6. Ciders a fruit based drink, so is wine for that matter.
  7. Ok , but no gay bars or fruit based drinks .
  8. Oh how we laughed you got called out on unnecessary homophobic commentary. It got deleted, move on. go for a ride, enjoy yourself without it being at someone’s expense. It’s much nicer if ever there is a meet up I’ll buy you a beer
  9. Practice is your best teacher
  10. One or two had a great evening out yesterday on them. Mway was still terrifying but marginally better than fri eve which was my first mway on a bike experience
  11. Good morning shopping today then bike night tonight just hope the weather holds out
  12. Hello electric scooter, Welcome to The Motorbike Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Why not tell us a bit about yourself too.
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  14. Stu

    New phone 😁

    I was laying a drive for a mate and moved my phone from my rear pocket to a safer pocket! Safer pocket decided it didn't like my phone and spat it out and it stuck top end first in the concrete Still worked for a year with no issues
  15. There is a good 5mm perimeter overhang on on my case, I've inadvertently dropped it, thrown it and kicked it, biggest danger is lifting boilers, killed an erricson doing that, always relocate to rear pocket when doing that now, took out an old boiler on Sat 48kg destroys screens when you rest it on your leg with phone in-between.
  16. Any where, I don't care, lakes might be nice but will be heaving with those pesky tourists
  17. Sometimes thats the best times to be out
  18. We got there about 6. It was quiet by then. No one around apart from a load of campervan owners parked up at the side of the road all sat out on their deck chairs
  19. Stu

    New phone 😁

    I usually have a silicone cover on all mine and screen protectors The old phone was perfect until I decided not to upgrade and keep it for minimum of 6 months on sim only! It lasted 4 months after dropping the phone 5 times
  20. He has been in the same place today
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