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  1. Probably best having its own post
  2. Don't forget to use the forum link https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk/#/27907,3203,1186
  3. I am a firm believer in learning how to do it yourself I once had a bike in a garage for a brake bleed and also a wheel bearing change that's the only time a bike has been in and up to now the last time! It cost a small fortune at the time for the brake bleed but needs must that was in 2003! The last time I had a bike in was for wheel bearings on the front in 2015. We was on the way back from the lakes on the FJR after a week away when the wheel bearings collapsed! we was just coming in towards York so I went to a bike shop that I know of in there and they squeezed us in whic
  4. Thats not what it says at the top of the page
  5. Stu


    If you have until tomorrow to look then go back out and get it running to warm it up it might just dry it out Or just go pull the plug caps off and leave it overnight it might be enough to dry it out
  6. Stu


    The "spitting" is probably arcing from the plugs and leads to the head so yes more then likely water
  7. The point @Bender is making is that when it "ends" nothing actually changes so in affect its over
  8. For the main fuse to be popping as soon as you connect the battery there must be a live wire going straight to earth somewhere or a badly corroded connector I would start checking all the wiring and pull all connectors apart
  9. Stu


    Can you easily access the plugs? if you can get old of an airline then you could blow it all out no need to remove plugs just pull the caps off Make sure the caps seal properly too
  10. Stu


    Sounds like water has got to the plugs
  11. I really can't help with IOS but have you tried to download the app? Communities By Invision (Early Access)
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