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  1. Stu

    New phone 😁

    I was laying a drive for a mate and moved my phone from my rear pocket to a safer pocket! Safer pocket decided it didn't like my phone and spat it out and it stuck top end first in the concrete Still worked for a year with no issues
  2. Sometimes thats the best times to be out
  3. Stu

    New phone 😁

    I usually have a silicone cover on all mine and screen protectors The old phone was perfect until I decided not to upgrade and keep it for minimum of 6 months on sim only! It lasted 4 months after dropping the phone 5 times
  4. He has been in the same place today
  5. Same here!! I usually have mine done before it runs out but I have last hope in the weather
  6. Did you not bump in to @skyrider
  7. Stu

    New phone 😁

    I paid less than £40 though I just had to get away from the Huawei! As I smashed the camera and cracked the screen
  8. Stu

    New phone 😁

    posted with 6 fingers on each hand...........
  9. Stu

    New phone 😁

    Yeah I have just upgraded my phone and refused to pay more than £40 a month! I was looking at the pixel 5 but it was smaller than the phone I had and didn't want to go any smaller! I ended up getting the Samsung s20 FE 5g Its not bad but the battery life on my Huawei was better!
  10. Stu

    glasson dock

    No never been but thats certainly going on the list! I have just googled it
  11. Stu

    glasson dock

    It is indeed We go to Hawes then past Ribblehead viaduct on the way to the lakes
  12. Stu

    glasson dock

    We usually take a trip up that way once a year if we can so I will add it on my list of places for a brew
  13. Stu

    glasson dock

    Thats miles away for a brew
  14. Not seen any rain where I live but a guy I know posted a vid on facebook of it hailing about 3 miles away
  15. Afternoon! I agreed to do some work for a mate as the weather was shite! Its been glorious sunshine
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