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  1. Same place many years ago on a mass rideout with a load from here there must have been 60 -70 of us Pulled up to park and the bike to my left started to fall over with the rider! I grabbed their bike while sat on mine and then felt a bike fall on me from my right! I was pinned between two bikes! No damage to any of them or me!
  2. She hates change so getting her on another bike is a nightmare then the test ride she just says "is this one 9 grand better than the other one"
  3. The trouble is its not me thats the problem! its her in doors
  4. it is Although I am trying to figure out if there is better out there and would it be worth selling mine to buy something else
  5. I have to admit it does seem strange! Although I have heard the newer ones are so much better with the electronic suspension etc Yes the new price does make your eyes water! Although there is talk of end of the line for the FJR due to emissions tests
  6. Maybe they have learnt from it?
  7. The suspension is notoriously soft on almost all Japanese bikes and I put this down to the fact they build them for the average Japanese rider who are half our size
  8. Upgrading the suspension sorts the wallowing out and makes a huge improvement
  9. Both! I was always worried the custom ones wouldn't be good enough for what I was used to and while they wasn't as good they was more than good enough When going on long all day rides after about 6 hours in the saddle foam earplugs started to cause me issues and be very uncomfortable due the constant pressure pushing outwards and if I was touring or more than a few days riding it really could take its toll
  10. I have questioned this many many times on here! I have worn earplugs for that last 15 years at least and I found the 3M neons excellent but I always wondered if the custom ones was as good as people say! My trouble was they are a lot of money just to try them! A few years ago I bit the bullet and got some moulds done for me and the wife at the NEC show and ordered some earplugs there and then! I still had concerns after I had ordered them and was worried they wouldn't be as good It is the one thing I don't regret doing they are so comfortable
  11. I am that far in the closet I am in Narnia................ Although I have seen @Six30 in here a few times!
  12. Overtightened a sump bolt once cracking the sump and not realising dumped about 3 litres of oil on the floor! Lost a pry bar while doing a cam belt change on an Audi A4 only to find it again 6 months later down the front of the grill! It was my brother pry bar and I swore blind I never used it somehow managed to not tighten up two caliper bolts on a gsxr luckily I saw it.......while out riding There is more but can't think!
  13. I looked at mine! its blocked in by a load of wood that's to be used for some wardrobes in the bedroom
  14. Its easy done to be honest! finger tight and get distracted!
  15. I did a job on a car once and forgot to tighten the EGR take off up! It sounded a lot lot worse than @jedibiker's video! I thought someone had dropped a bag of spanners in the engine
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