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  1. TC - 01 Littlecat - 02 Mealexme - 03 iWannaGoFast - 04 Augustburnsred - 05 Stu - 06 mojo - 07 iiisecondcreep - 08 Susieque - 09 techno - 10 Bogof - 11 rennie - 12 yorbandit - 13 Keith565 - 14 whitedevil - 15 Karimura - 16 nman1 -17 Rebel Rach - 18 Green - 19 GOG - 20 Bonniebird - 21 Throttled - 22 Randomobject-23 Tango - 24 Nellie - 25 MickeyGW - 26 Mk5Centurion - 27 Craig-28 medtec - 29 GarethNW - 30 JimiB - 31 Theboyparker - 32 Fozzie - 33 Timbo - 34 CarlosVonBrum - 35 psycho - 36 Bumble - 37 Hevra - 38 Bigsisterbiker - 39 Byangoma - 40 R1Barry - 41 T
  2. Hi all! Noticed there doesnt seem to be too much going on around the South Coast... I know the weather is horrible at the moment but do you guys and gals tend to get out much down this way? I am new to the forum and just back into biking since my 50cc back in the day Really keen to meet some fellow 2 wheelers. Alex
  3. Thanks chaps, I will be sure to do all those checks. I have a mate who works in DVLA so can get the checks done through him Asking price is £2200
  4. Thanks Chris, some good advice I have made enquiries about insurance and although pretty high (expected) I am happy with some of the quotes I have received. I totally see your point of view in this being my first modern bike, I am however a sensible guy and at 29 im not a young hot headed rider. I am certainly not going to thrash this bike about making myself a danger to others and myself. I have always wanted a sports bike so this is kind of realising a dream lol! I fully intend to take things slow and really develop my riding skills bit by bit I also don't intend to use this for the day
  5. Thanks Joeman! Yep thats a lot of laps lol! I am assuming the previous owner did some miles on it.... (hopefully). Problem I have is that this is the first bike I am going to see and the first bike of this type I have ever bought. I am not mechanically minded so im going in a bit blind. I will check for obvious cosmetic damage (I am just about capable of that lol!) Its the engine, gearbox, chain, sprocket, suspension etc that I am unfamiliar with. I have read on various web sites that they are known for a 2nd gear problem? Also that if a ticking noise can be heard in the engine that its
  6. Hey PB! Thanks for your reply. I am going to look at a 2000(W) R6 on Saturday. From the advert it seems relatively standard except for a Akrpovik exhaust and some crash bungs. The bike only had 6750 miles on the clock. Its been with a lady owner for the past 5 years and after speaking with her she has informed me its only seen 1 day on the road in this time but has been to 5-6 track days. Should this be something I should worry about? With this low mileage I am assuming its unlikely to have too many problems? Should I be cautious? Many thanks again
  7. Hi all, I am not sure if this is the right area to post this but it seemed most appropriate. (I am new so please boot me to the right area if im in the wrong ) I am new into biking and am just about to buy my first motorcycle (since my Suzuki TSX when I was 16!) I was hoping you may be able to give me some advice on key things to look for when buying a second hand bike. If its any help I am looking at R6's approx 1999-2001. I am sure there must be some known issues or problem areas with these bikes at this age so any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Alex
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