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    Honda CBF 125 *dreams of an ER6F/Ninja*
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    Cheshire Cat!

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    I'm a cow-loving, hair-dying, metal-loving loon with a degree in photography, and have been biking since April 2012. Can't wait to get my full licence soon-ish I hope! *Theory passed 03.2017, soon to book Mod1 & 2
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  1. Yay, 'Busa and a Kwak! I'll be on the back of Fozzie's bike - see you in the morning. Hope you can make it too Mister Rickaaaay!
  2. I think this will make Fozzie very happy! My 125 isn't so healthy these days though to join in, and I sometimes scream too much on the back of his bike ... Nah was just being silly, I do like how sexy and ugly they are at the same time, but that would be *quite* the jump from a CBF125 ...and I love Kwaks too much! Maybe a green 300 or an ER6-F some day. Doubt it'll be any day soon though. We just moved to our first house, new job and saving for a wedding! ...we don't do things by halves!
  3. Bah, I need to do my test and get a big bike! Too much to save for atm! Though I'd probably take it easy and catch up when everyone is done eating their butties and drinking tea anyway! I'll get one of these I reckon...
  4. Hiya, Said I'd check in when I got back but couldn't get enough signal on my phone (no internet in the house yet!) - I've just gone to work to use their internet. Really glad I went today to show our support and on behalf of Chris who couldn't get the time off work (both recently started new jobs with no holiday as we have to take it at Christmas - but mine can be more flexible). Was nice to be able to say goodbye to the lovely guy I wish I'd met in person - and to give Cat and co all a hug and have a chat before heading home in the fog. Beautiful service, and love that the priest is a hardc
  5. I'll see you all there - Fozzie can't get out of work unfortunately. I don't have any holiday left but I've done them a whole lot of favours so far, now it's my turn (and luckily they're very nice people and understanding). Won't be on Ermintrude/Erminturd though as she's in need of repair! Will be nice to see all who are going, but so sad as to why x
  6. Lil donation from moo cos I already donated to Aaron's charity today. Well done Bob! x
  7. Pass The Bomb is a fantastic, simple and fun board game...unless you suggest your dad plays it forgetting that he lost his arm to an IRA bomb... *oops*!!! (I genuinely don't see him as any different to anyone else, hence the major hiccup!)
  8. This! My dad rented to DSS for 10 years. The woman ended up squatting for a number of months, completely f***ing destroyed the place!!! Kids were well known scrotes who helped with the graffitti and holes in walls & stairs, destroyed tiles and shower, kitchen was a mess with cupboard doors ripped off, surfaces burnt and discoloured and damaged, only a few lightbulbs working in the house, place was a filthy dump. He got the kitchen & bathroom re-fitted, holes filled in, new carpets everywhere etc etc, still sold for a profit but left in such a state. Also, I worked for his inventory
  9. http://www.pulse1.co.uk/news/local/biker-killed-in-huddersfield-crash/
  10. No. No. Nooooooooooooooo. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Oh god this is just awful. Really feeling for everyone who knew him, Cat's family - and sending lots of love to Maia in particular. Never met in person and really gutted not to have now, but chatted on here and facebook, he was a big part of TMBF, someone I always really enjoyed reading posts from - so passionate about biking, genuine and funny. Was only giving him dental advice the other day!! Was so chuffed for him when he passed his test and got his lovely black Kwak. So unbelievably sad. Such a loss to everyone, seemed like such a
  11. Hahaha, nah, still totally in love with bikes and biking too - like most I've packed it in possibly for the winter for now cos of the weather getting all miserable, and also cos I'm not fond of her rattling getting worse. May pop out for a ride with or on the back of the Fozzle Fazer on a nice day to see more of the area we're mooving to! Will pick it up again and get my full license sorted next year . Still thrilled every time we get a bike/scooter riding patient or find out it's a common interest with a stranger (when in the Smart dealership yesterday I chatted to a guy about our cars the
  12. Pretty much!!! I can't even explain to you how much I love Berty!!! (Don't worry, I don't normally address my car by its name!). It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I see it...I can't wait to get the Christmas decos in there in December!! Gutted I have to dye my hair a different colour to the blue as I have job interviews next week - tho tbf I always dye my hair red for Christmas ! He got a clean bill of health on the first MOT today *yay*! I pretty much just rode to a doctor's appointment since I passed my test because there's no parking - bike still runs fine, I still
  13. this is a very good point see the two bollards laid on the deck? circled red I took these out with my legs! shin protectors worked Holy sh*t, when did this happen?!!?! Hope you're alright - I haven't been on the forum in a while...you'll probably tell me it was 5+ years ago or something though! The trainers do look cool, but it's winter anyway, could do with a bit more protection surely?
  14. Oh shite, sorry GOG - Fozzie just pointed out your posted this *TWO DAYS AGO*! I thought it was today - might be quicker and easier tagging me in cow stuff on Facebook like everyone else (half my photos are me tagged as cows, I swear!)...my presence on TMBF tends to be a bit patchy so I can easily miss stuff like this!
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