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    All things Motorbike, Metal detecting (if you own land let me know), Swimming, My Chickens, Riding Motorbike.
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  1. I would not do it as little furry things sometimes bolt out of hedges and its a reaction to swerve away from them. Also if your riding by their side your concentration and visibility will not be on pot holes, gravel, dead badgers, mud, etc etc (all out to get you). Instead of *cough* "pulling at his side" I would make do with just looking at his bum n maybe pulling when you get home.
  2. Keep all lights clean, they get covered in crap, also remember car drivers don't always de mist the inside of all their windows when they start out so carry on treating them (as you should all year round) as idiots who won't see you even though their faces are pointing your way. Also remember a flashing indicator just means the bulb is working.
  3. Hi all, (he says creepily). Riding my motorbike or metal detecting are my favourite hobbies. However I am looking for more land to go on to metal detect. So if you own a field or are indeed a friendly farmer/land owner (i.e. one that gives me the chance to run (BEFORE shooting) and fancy letting me on your land I would like to hear from you. I am based in Northamptonshire but do not mind travelling 100 miles or so. I also have a good spare metal detector and would welcome the company if you fancy having a go with me. I have lots of land to go on here and have found some nice finds I have
  4. Ah well littlecat may I offer you a cheese and onion crisp in way of friendship and biking harmony (I actually have a knee down when offering said crisp in way of humbling meself).
  5. Ah yes sorry for sexist remark but to my knowledge men can't yet have babies...apart from that american bloke who is really a woman Actually my comment was tongue in cheek when made (now waiting for reference to porn quip) Ha!
  6. Ah Bex...glad you got knees back up again. I think it is a man thing this knee down stuff, I think maybe they think women watchers will see it and want to have their babies.
  7. ...And so to sum up Mlord ...Throttled said so!
  8. Yes all very impressive and manly getting the knee down.. now... wake me up when someone get 2 knees down!
  9. I think 2 cheap new helmets would be far safer than 2 bought off a bloke in a field.
  10. I think the problem is ...it fitting like a glove, you really need one to fit like a helmet.
  11. I look forward to seeing the pictures of close ups of dead flies
  12. 790Bonneville


    Yes, sand it off and buy spray paint...remember "buy cheap buy twice"!
  13. Coo! a great bit of technology from China for just over 4 quid! to protect your expensive bike. Just don't tell the insurance company or your next payment may go up!
  14. Naaa...don't go to the expense of knobbly tyres! As you want it to have the look of a fake scrambler (presume you don't want to really scramble) just chuck loads of muddy water at it ..and your self for that matter ...Hey presto! Scrambler bike and person, also for subtle effect just say Wild and Woolly every so often.
  15. Hmmm you'd be suprised wot some blokes stick in their petrol tank holes, how often have you heard the phrase "I really love my bike"
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