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  1. I'd also recommend the diy route. There's very little in a caliper once you get it off. Just the body, piston and a set of seals. 9 times of out 10 the piston will just need a clean up and some new seals fitting. The hardest bit really is bleeding them properly.
  2. C is the gearbox cover, yes you need to remove the oil first. D is the cover to the sprocket to the back wheel. B I imagine is the valve chain cover?
  3. Yeah certainly sounds like buttertubs. One of those roads I've always fancied, but coming from Bradford side it always seems like it doesn't go anywhere and may as well turn around and go straight back the other way. I just did the route on Google maps and created a short link for it. The web based version of it you can do up to 10 via points.
  4. Had a wonderful ride out yesterday, thought I'd share it.... https://goo.gl/maps/svej4 Link will probably only work in a full browser, doesn't work on a phone. Nidderdale is great with small twisting and steep roads. You'll notice I took an unintentional detour to Middlesmoor. Lovely little village, be warned though there's a rather hairy 1:4 incline to get to it, plus it doesn't go anywhere (perhaps for a 4x4 on the track road but not a sports bike!) Lofthouse to Masham is wonderfully quiet, isolated and unspoilt. Hawes was heaving with bikes as ever on a decent day. The
  5. Had a look online at images, are you saying you're going to cement the threaded part into the ground and put the chain through the ring part at the top? They won't last two minutes, you could stick a bar through and lever them out the concrete. As most thieves operate these days though, they'll just cut through the chain or lock with a cordless grinder.
  6. Don't attempt anything until you've had professional tuition. You can't assume that your experience on the road will translate onto the mod 1 test pad, it's a totally different beast. In some cases I imagine it will make it worse and be counter productive. You need to book in with a school, get some experience with them at their base. Most schools also have access to the real test pad when it's not being used for testing so you can do the real thing as part of your training.
  7. Is this the inner ear problem which affects balance?
  8. Phil

    HPI checks?

    Yeah hpi has its own site which i usually use.
  9. Difficult one, by rights if they have agreed to them taking the holiday in the first instance, and don't give them reasonable notice about cancelling it (Notice equal to the holiday you want to take) then there's not much they can do. That is unless there's another agreement already set up. It's their fault, you're not to know what holiday everyone else has booked.
  10. Cables are a lot easier to split with a sledgehammer, whereas chains aren't. Both are easy though with a cordless grinder which is what most thieves are packing these days. Chains just look meatier and less likely for some to have a go although nothing will stop the hardened criminal.
  11. Sounds like something on the airbox hasn't been fitted correctly. Induction roar and lack of pickup due to disturbed airflow? Does it do it when revving freely when in neutral or just under load?
  12. Twist wires together, solder and tape up. Best connection by a long way.
  13. Kind of got mine sorted now.... I just did a bit of trial and error with it and got it somewhere near. Yesterdays ride out showed however that the biting point was a little too far away from the bar and was only just getting full bite, with a very slight bit of clutch slip when giving it the full beans. I've rectified that now though and brought it back towards the middle.
  14. Got my nuts sorted. Some nice stainless nylocs M10x1.25, 40 pence each. Bit better than the dealership prices of £4.50 odd each for the non stainless versions. All sorted now and had a fantastic ride out yesterday
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