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  1. are these in budget for the 125 challenge?
  2. If they're no good my mate is selling a ybr for 1k based derbyshire but easy enough to sort out delivery if you like it
  3. Sjcams are the best of the budget ones. I've had no issues with mine, comes with waterproof case and loads of attachments. Additional batteries are cheap as chips but only last about 1.5hrs. Does auto loop not sure if has auto save but I think even if you crashed coming out the driveway the battery would die before my sd card filled up....
  4. I found CMC clay cross were great when buying the OH body armour, trying on all the different ones and attaching/detaching various parts to match the armour sown into her leathers to try and get a fit. Not sure if I just got lucky with a helpful sales guy though. Service in the discount bit next door has always been a bit shocking, but then again end of line discount shops arent really known for their amazing customer service!
  5. Keep seeing bikes go past and wondering if it's any of you lot
  6. al_stu

    Bike work

    Ooo yeah I would use you to teach me how to do some bits on the bike. Wrong timing though, nothing needs doing yet (fingers crossed haha)
  7. You could go for the smaller boots that only cover ankle high. Not got the full protection of 'proper' boots but if price of custom made becomes an issue then it's a good stop gap.
  8. My instructor told me that you don't have to filter so don't. If you filter it's one more thing you can do wrong and get a fail for. Also sitting in traffic is a good way to waste 5 minutes of your test
  9. Get what you pay for with headsets. Quote a few use the standard cheap one off eBay, I have it and works fine until 60 or 70 mph then the wind drowns it out. Check the forum it's been discussed loads...search for 'bluetooth ' should do it
  10. al_stu

    Pokémon Go

    Yep, finally talked into downloading it by the guys at work....this will not end well I feel lol
  11. Get something with removable battery, or one of those leather cases that includes a battery to double battery size. Bit chunky but it solves any battery problems. I have galaxy note, well over original contract and just buy the odd cheap battery to swap out when it starts to struggle
  12. Oh and make sure you have something that covers as much of the spine as possible, that's the key thing to protect. On the knox one that I bought I like that it cant bend backwards because it's a honeycomb plastic interlinked jobby, others were basically thick foam in places so quite easy to bend further than I'd like my back to.
  13. I've got knox, the waistcoat type one. Couldn't fit anything else under my leathers so didn't have much choice. Make sure you get ce2. Make sure you try it on with your gear. I find I get a bit hotter with the full armour but nothing unbearable.
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