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  1. My Mate and I rode up there yesterday from Portsmouth, bloody freezing it was but wouldn't go if I couldn't go by bike, done a bit of voluntary work on the BMW club stand so got in free, gotta say had a good look round too and was very impressed all round, no touratech this year, very surprised by that, Triumph had a great stand, so did BMW (bit biased there maybe) the atmosphere was lovely a really great day out all in all, to top it off we stayed overnight in Stratford, (gorgeous town) back today again in freezing temperatures. Last 2 days so get up there if you can. Go by bike and parking i
  2. I'm Bored so how about a little game? Okay, I'll start you off with a famous person. You have to take the first letter of their last name and name a new famous person who's first letter of their first name matches that letter. Example: Abraham Lincoln *next post* Leonardo DiCaprio *next post* David Beckham So on and so forth... I'll start off with: Winston Churchill
  3. I always warn if I can, I think the police are underhand and I will do what I can to help other drivers.
  4. I'm going on Thursday 29th, helping to run the BMW club stand so getting in free...I've bought 2 tickets and don't need them so if you want a pair of tickets let me know.
  5. A friend of mine had a minor accident a couple of years ago which resulted in him losing his confidence completely, he's now started to dream about our trips away we had (not the same in a car) so I suggested a way to gain a bit of confidence and to see if it's not just a pipe dream for him to book a CBT, now I know it'd be a bit pointless as he has a full license but a day in the classroom, in a car park doing slow riding then out on the road might be what he needs, but what do you think? would it work? Is there a better way? He sold all his gear so has nothing and obviously he doesn't want t
  6. Hi all, my mate and I are off to the show on Thursday 29th we are gonna be on the road at 6am as we need to get to NEC a shade early as we are helping out on the BMW club stand. because we are helping out we are getting in free, but we have already bought 2 tickets so if you want them I'm sure we can come to some arrangement. If you fancy riding up with us let us know, we're leaving Pompey as I say at 6am.
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