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  1. I took a test ride yesterday on one of these. What a super touring bike. Here are my first impressions. Its a big heavy lump at over 300kgs but once the wheels are rolling it doesn't feel heavy and you can throw it about in the corners. Handling is wonderful. My test bike had the regular seat set at it's lowest setting but for me that was still too high and I was pretty scared to put my feet down to balance the bike as I could only just get my feet down. The ride by wire throttle is super light and the least twist of the throttle see's the revs rise. This lightness did have an undesired
  2. For people used to riding a normal bike the Virago takes some getting used to. Riding along at a reasonable speed and the wind tries to splay your legs apart which is a bit uncomfortable, however that aside it's a relatively comfy bike to ride. The seat is super comfortable, it's like sitting in your favourite armchair and its well sprung. I'd wanted one of these for a while and originally wanted the tiddler of the Viragos the 535cc, but after looking into the performance I ended up with an 1100cc. This sounds like it should be super fast however it is infact about as quick as a 400cc bike and
  3. Here she is. We were on our way to the GS Treffen in Germany. This is a big Rally for all GS bikes held each year in different parts of Germany. My bike is famous too, she appeared in an article I wrote for the Classic Motorcycle Mechanics magazine a few years back. This was prior to the engine overhaul I had done to the bike and we ended up breaking down en-route, but thats another story. [album]603[/album]
  4. What makes a normally sane person go out and buy a bike built in 1979. Well quite simple really nostalgia. Back in the early 1980's I owned a GS550E a bike I loved and went all over on, including three trips to the old communist regime of East Germany and Italy twice. I'd been on the look out for for either the 550 or 850 at the time and one day came across an advert for a 750. I went to look and basically it was a bit of a wreck and the swing arm wobbled like crazy when I took it for a spin. It felt so weird sitting on and riding a bike like I'd owned so many years previously. I loved it and
  5. My Beemer has a center stand and thats a new bike. But anyway how do you manage on a very long trip, away from home without a paddock stand. I am just curious. As i said these are minor moans,and don't detract from what is one of the best bikes out there I see you're from Leeds That's where I'm from originally
  6. https://picasaweb.google.com/107012572732572482506/Trumpet?authkey=Gv1sRgCKyHzMrm1L38vwE I took mine on a holiday to Germany with my Suzuki owners club friends and they loved the sound of the engine. I forgot to mention in my review that I hate the fact there's no centre stand. I had to buy a paddock stand just to adjust the chain. This is ok providing you only go on shortish trips. How can you adjust the chain or clean the back wheel without the stand??? Also a minor moan, there's no fuel gauge, just a light. But these are just minor things and I still love my bike. Hopefully you can see
  7. Well what can I say that hasn't already been said about this bike. It just is the most fun on you can have on 2 wheels. I bought my bike new a year or so before the new style squarish headlights came out so mine has the round lights which I actually prefer. It has Arrow cans the bikini screen, belly pan and some carbon bits I bought to improve its good looks. Mine is black and is the basic (none R) model. What I love about the bike is the sound of the engine as you wind it on, the acceleration and the fact it's very torquey. It handles superbly too and stops on a sixpence. A couple of month
  8. I bought this bike after trading in a trusty Diversion 900. The old Divvy which I'd owned since new needed some work on the brakes or steering bearing as it was very scary in wet weather. I thought the Beemer would be a good substitute. After having a test ride on an RT1200, just to see what the engine felt like, I was impressed enough to sign on the dotted line. I was very excited to get the bike and I ordered most of the extras BMW panniers and top box Heated hand grips Alarm small screen Electronic suspension adjustment Low seat The ride is wonderful, it just wafts along because
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