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  1. Children! ha, wait until they go to uni. Red cross food parcels, furniture moving, taxi and repair specialist. And you think you have got them off your hands.
  2. Huh, pussy. up at 4.30 each morning and working by 5.45! Coffee is an amazing thing, definitely not de-caff though.
  3. Definitely not! They would need a robot that can run up and down gantries unplugging and re plugging reefer containers in! God knows even our gantry crane computers can't cope with it.
  4. The knob in the Honda car who thought it was a good idea to overtake a tanker on a blind bend forcing me to brake like hell to avoid him!
  5. mailee66


    Big spiders for me and surprisingly hot air balloons! I stood in the basket of one and had to get out after looking up into the massive bag above me! Sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. Don't mind heights and have flown an open cockpit bi plane in the past. Strange thing the mind.
  6. Nah, best way is to knock it senseless with your helmet then put it in the car.
  7. Got to be the last guy I would like as a riding partner. Whining, whinging, tosser. Nothing is ever good enough for him and he can spend money like water! nah not for me.
  8. Darwin award to the cyclist who thought he didn't need lights riding in the cycle lane on a dark road on my way home last night! Death wish or what!
  9. Poetic justice, just a shame the driver survived.
  10. mailee66


    I work at the Immingham Terminal and we do get a lot of bikes going out to Iceland, all GS's and the like. They have to be containerised and it isn't cheap. Most do it as a group to make it cheaper but Iceland is very expensive, or so I am told by the bikers. All of them do say that it is worth every penny though. Me, I will stick to nice warm holidays as I hate the cold.
  11. A few years ago when I took my tests I turned up only to find the examiners were on strike and had forgotten to tell the riding school! Had to re-book the test three weeks later.
  12. Thanks guys, that is the best laugh I have had for a long time. I have lost count of the amount of Lemmings I encounter going to work early morning who must think they glow in the dark! I often wonder if they are just too poor to buy a set of lights or the amount of wheels on their bikes exceeds there brain cells!
  13. Ha, Ha,Ha, Another one gone thank God. Pity we haven't got the President of the Philippines he has got the right idea with drug dealers, shoot em! I would volunteer for the job.
  14. He starts his new job at Volvo next week........crash test dummy.
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