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  1. It’s good practice for a lot of places to balance the wheel after tyre fitting. It’s not unusual that the wheel doesn’t require additional weights.
  2. you are not falling out with it allready elizabeth are you Noooo not falling out, i still enjoy every ride, but sometimes i wonder if id enjoy the 09 even more... Not looking to upgrade yet! You will definitely enjoy the 09 more
  3. No but click the report button if you see any of these so we can deal with them ASAP! We seem to be getting a lot of these through at the moment! Ahhhh makes sense, will do boss!
  4. Am I the only one seeing the porn links in the OP?
  5. If the weather is nice me and a couple others usually head out, more than welcome to join us?
  6. Shame the rally isn’t going ahead as usual I’m down for camping in a field
  7. Yup, seen it plenty of times where I used to work at Protyre.
  8. I built this in my grans shed a year or so ago.
  9. Sorry to hear about your off, wish you a speedy recovery! As already said, don’t use your own insurers recommended legal firms, from my experience they’ve been shite! I used Mcmillan Williams solicitors who were recommended to me by TC on here, I couldn’t recommend them enough. Rachel Glover worked my case and she was absolutely brilliant, incredibly professional! Take it easy
  10. Didn't you leave with it on? Hows the missus I don’t think so I had my blazer on but I don’t think I had my coat on, she’s in pretty good condition today tbh, can’t take her anywhere
  11. Had an awesome night Don’t suppose any of you came across my coat?
  12. Already seen you both but massive congratulations! See you all later for the piss up
  13. Is it the T30? I’ve been through about 5 of them at work luckily Halfords is 2 minutes away and they always replace them with no issues
  14. [mention]Stu[/mention] Bike stuff has dried, now I can’t find my sleeping bag
  15. Soooooooo, can biker stuff go in the dryer on the lowest setting? May have decided to wash all my stuff last night and left it out to dry and it seems to have pissed it down
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