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  1. How is it that the first 10 days of my holiday where I stayed home and didn't socialize with anyone by choice felt like sheer luxury, but the last 4 days of staying home and not socializing because I have to feels like utter crap!
  2. The fact that other people do even more risky things does not change the fact that an open flame inside a tent is a ridiculously daft risk to take
  3. I have that one too (and the green handled pans shown in the photos, oddly enough) - it's pretty stable on the whole! All I'd say is you want to ensure you lay the gas pipe out smoothly so there aren't any kinks that could cause it to tilt, and of course as with any camping stove it's only as stable as the pan you put on it. The lower center of gravity makes it a lot more stable than the kind that clip directly onto the gas canister; probably the most stable camping stove I've owned aside from the large briefcase-style ones, which are amazing unless you're trying to travel light. More a treat
  4. Morning all! No snow in sight here (aside from the week old patches where the sun never shines). I wonder how long it'll be until I get my next full blown blizzard? If I were a betting man I'd say late February. Somewhere around the 20th.
  5. Update on the silly shit at the office: Turns out that not only did he potentially exposure me to the virus, he also continued to go into the office for a few days after the party he went to (prior to telling me that I might be at risk, at which point he was instructed to f**k right off and work from home indefinitely). And guess which two other team members were in the office that day? The Manager and the Team Lead. So add in that I'm the Director, he officially exposed the entire f**king management hierarchy of his department. Also fun, we have our first few news stories abo
  6. Very well argued and rather satisfying to watch. Thanks for sharing that!
  7. Depending on when they kick me out, I might even be able to buy it back from you
  8. Get deported, buy a bike once back in the UK, travel around a bunch and generally give up on living a sensible life. Bloody tired of things always going pear shaped, time to take a page out of my brother's book
  9. Good question! Not if they've got any common sense
  10. It'd be a noble sacrifice for sure
  11. Yeah that's pretty much the plan
  12. I've often felt that the issue is not the absence of a capital punishment, but rather a thousand and one other issues with every other aspect of the system that is already in place. Not enough rehabilitation, but also not firm enough punishment, and that's without even getting into idiotic sentencing practices and early releases. Although I do think we should introduce a system a bit like The Long Walk in Judge Dredd where after someone serves in parliament we force them to neck themselves as soon as they lose re-election. Don't think of it as capital punishment though; it's just t
  13. Spending the first 2 weeks of 2021 in quarantine because some silly shit from the office decided to expose not only me but also my second in command. Currently researching whether I can legitimately fire someone for this.
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