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  1. As above really as the two daughters are growing up and needing more and more space for their ever expanding shoes, and clothes collection not to mention the wife I am the one who has to suffer and sacrifice some space. The only place they have yet to invade is my wooden garden shed. Would this be a suitable place to store leathers. The only concern I have is no heating inside the shed would this cause damage to the leathers with the cold winters etc? Thanks
  2. Hi all after searching hi and low for a lid that was as a perfect fit as I could get I finally decided on a Shoei neotec. While the lid meets all my needs the only down fall is the lack of design. I am looking for something a bit different and was wondering where would be a good place to start to get some decals or a spray job done Thanks
  3. Got them fitted this morning by local yam dealer tidy job and well pleased with end result. Glad I got them now
  4. Just taken to the local Yam dealer and there is no bolt to tighten them, so in the end had to pay for a new mirror. Lucky for me he had one in stock that was out of packet and got it fitted for £20 Bargain!!!
  5. I took the plastic cap off and this is what I found any ideas lol http://i1188.photobucket.com/albums/z403/Welshspooks/IMAG0362_zpsde042a31.jpg
  6. Here a picture http://i1188.photobucket.com/albums/z403/Welshspooks/yamaha-other-models-S547219-12_zpsc1e9bde3.jpg See the cap inside on the off side mirror is that what you are on about?
  7. Hi all I am as about much use as chocolate teapot when it comes to mechanical work. On the XJ6 they have folding mirror which are very useful for the tight space I have to park it. However the nearside one has become a bit loose. Any suggestions on how this can be tightened up. I am sure a novice like me can do this!!!! Thanks Spooks
  8. I have looked everywhere and spoken to loads of dealers and the same old answer drill some holes. I will get the local Yamaha dealer to do it for me but still. Holes in my farings
  9. Hi all just bought a new Yamaha XJ6 Diversion F and I am looking at getting a set of R&G crash bungs fitted on them. The only problem I have is they have to drill holes in the faring to fix them on. Any one else been through the pain full experience/thought of drilling holes in a new faring? Are they worth it? Thanks
  10. Well after much struggle, squeeze, and breathing in, I finally found a set a leathers that fit and feel great. Decided on an RST Pro Jacket and Slice jeans. Ended up buying some new boots and gloves as well that I did not really need but they look better with the leathers
  11. Hi all after seeing my friend come off at the weekend (he is fine) I think I better switch from textile to leathers. I had a look around today and fancy the look of the RST Pro series leather Jacket with the Slice jeans in black. Any views on the above or where to get the best deal from? Thanks Spooks
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