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  1. I start my contact trial starting tomorrow. Never worn contacts before so should be interesting!
  2. Do they not heat your fingers? I thought that was the whole point?
  3. I couldn't see any option for express delivery not sure what I missed. Wow nice gloves, but pricey, I wonder how they compare to the lesser priced gloves?
  4. Wow that's a lot cheaper than the hundreds of pounds that some of them are I have seen on amazon, etc. Shipping time is long though
  5. Great in theory, in heavy traffic and shit weather the practicality becomes something else. Would an examiner see it this way do you think?
  6. What about when joining a very busy dual carriageway on a wet day? Seems like we are encouraged to get up to speed quickly, but how to do this and maintain a 4 second gap?
  7. The other bonus with silk under gloves is they stop the problem of putting your gloves on damp / sweaty hands Yep, just make sure you don't get them caught on any velcro on your gloves
  8. Thanks. I will bare those in mind for the future. I still wonder how good battery heated gloves are. Not the ones from maplin though. I think we established that these should be off the market!
  9. My instructor says no need for shoulder checks when pulling away from lights. Then whats all the should checks in mod 1 for then?
  10. Oh dear! Not had it on the motorbike, visor down if contacts in, but have on the pushbike. So now, ironically, if I’m wearing contacts when riding 5he pushbike I wear wrap around cycling glasses.
  11. Do you mean just in general, or that ot hurts more with contacts. Hurts more, ‘cause Sod’s law states it will get under the lens. Oh dear!
  12. What should you do in these situations (mod 2 test)? 1) 3 cars are indicating to turn left into the junction you are turning right out of? Do you trust the indicators a turn or waiting till all cars turn before oulling out? 2) Do you do lifesavers or shoulder checks in afditiin to mirror checks before pulling away when the lights go green at traffic lights? 3) You realise you are going 38mph in 30mph zone. Do you break to slow down or just roll off the throttle? Thanks all.
  13. Thanks all, just been for an eye test and contact lens assessment. I will start trials in a week and see how it goes
  14. Do you mean just in general, or that ot hurts more with contacts.
  15. Hi all, So i have been wearing perspecription glasses for a while and considering contact lens. Probably dailies. Has anyone had any issues with using contacts for motorcycling? Also any general advice is much appreciated. I use a full face helmet and atsrted usimg a pinlock, so need to get used to not opening the visor at traffic lights, etc. Thanks.
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