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  1. sorry guys must have missed your post, ended up doing this: Lyth Valley to Bowness. Bowness to Ambleside. Ambleside to Coniston. Coniston through Hawkshead. Down to Newby Bridge Through to Cartmel and Grange Back to Levens A6 back to Preston ish met up with a top bunch of guys and gals from another forum, 18 of us in all started at 8am and got home for 8pm to my happy wife
  2. as the question suggests anyone out and about this weekend?? i was contemplating a trip to Squires never been before so i may get lost ha!
  3. Ive just started using engine oil. Fed up if the sticky stuff gets everwhere and I find it hard to coat the whole chain and usually instructions are to only cover the top rung and it works round. Well my rusty in parts chain says no so I stripped it recently and used engine oil with a brush and wiped of excess with a cloth. No more issues. Ive got new chain and sprockets sat here waiting to go on but im trying to hang on now till after winter!!
  4. im missing a spade end on one wire so will pick one up tonight i bet ive got a loose conection!
  5. i will check for vibration again but i did check, the bulbs are actually blowing not breaking as the glass clouds up. im going to go over the wiring again on the rear i think it may be that but i might put some rubber gromits or washers on the stems to and see if that helps!
  6. hi thanks for the reply! yes i wrote the amps/wattage down wrong! monday mornings!! i have a multimeter so will check that out tonight, the bulbs are 12v 23w. i reckon its the wiring!! ill go back over it tonight, so as long as its all conected right joining two wires to extend it should be fine??
  7. ok so i changed my indicators as the old ones were massive. i stayed with bulbs instead of leds. the old bulbs were 21amp the new bulbs are 23amp. one bulb keeps blowing but not the same bulb so far itsa now been both the back ones. theres two things i can think of. the 23amp bulbs are just that too much and so i could go down to 21amp. Or the wiiring harness for the bike for the rear indicators is on the right hand side, when i got the new indicators i had to add some wire as the left side didnt reach over! im thinking can this cause an overload of some sort, joining two wires?? so looks like
  8. generally ive tried to do jobs on the bike myself and dispite some ups and downs, broken bolts and a trying to understand a multimeter ive done alright. i have a growing tool kit now lol but nothing for spliting a chain or attaching one. ive just called a local garage and he said 40 quid cash so i think this time im going to let them do it. i do like to learn but i will leave it till next time on this one. thanks again for everyones opinion and help its always worth while gettting other bikers experience and thoughts before i do anything!
  9. food for thought from both sides thanks guys. initially i think it would be cheaper to have it done from a garage i will get some quotes and weigh up my options. theres not much life left in mine and on the rear sprocket some of the teeth feel rough, ive checked the alighnment and it seems ok so might be just due to wear and tear.
  10. hello everyone again more help for me again please looking at fitting my first set of chain and sprockets v.soon and i dont have any chain spittler or fitter! im going to get a did x ring chain if that helps. ive seen this but ive heard of cheap rubbish breaking and im a little on the heavy handed side sometimes. was thinking of just buying the sprockets and chain and having them fitted?? what do you rekon worth learning myself and buying the tool?? ] heres that link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GEAR-GREMLIN- ... 5d3bdc9eaf
  11. Ive tested it after I charged it off the bike it hits 13v plus, just checked the manual and it just says fully charged over 13 discharged 12.3 could just be my bike though. But there was definitely a difference as after the optimate charged the new one I tested the old and new against each other I remember the old one was around 12.5 ish and the new one was a little over 13. I tested it again not long ago as my alternator went too! It hit 13 then. Im just glad mines working bloody hate the charging circuit!
  12. Sounds daft but could well be the battery my battery read 12.5 and my optimate said green for good. Anyway I read in my manual a fully charged 12v battery should have13- 13.5v. I bought a cheap one incase it wasnt that but I had the same issues until I put a new battery in. The 1v more on the new battery must have been yhe difference! Not sure if it makes a difference either but I dont put my lights on until the bikes running now either. Try and borrow a battery if not buy one and worse case you have a spare which in winters always a good idea!!
  13. Happy Birthday matey have a good one!1
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