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  1. Long gone. They closed the café last year due to lack of business.
  2. Anyone riding up from in or around London ?
  3. Made the mistake of wiring my first set of grips directly to the battery. I altered the wiring after leaving them on not once but TWICE !! Fairly simple process. Remove the live supply feeding the grips fuse holder from the battery and connect it to a switched live going into the back of the fusebox. To find the live side of the fuse in the fusebox, remove the fuse and check for 12v with a meter or small 12v bulb with the ignition on. Headlight fuse is a good one to aim for. There's no point wiring to the load/out side of the fusebox fuse as your grips will have their own one and you would
  4. Have fun Sam, i'm going to be green laning with Phil so wont be going. Give the Lee Rigby ride a go next year, that was a good one.
  5. Guess you're talking about the Hollyville cafe ? LMRC do rides from there from time to time. I've gone from there before and there's been a number of other groups and the place had been packed out. Have also gone from there with a very small group and the place had been next to empty. I reckon Sunday morning around 10:00am is your best option to find groups there.
  6. Sadly never had the opportunity to meet Croft on one of your Bagel runs Phil and wasn't able to make the big one last weekend. Have left donation tonight. Any chance of some LMRC T shirts with some thoughtful and tasteful wording in memory of with profits for the fund ?
  7. Thinking Sunday myself due to better chance of bargains although it's probably not a great idea if I want to curtail bike spending. Going to train it though, don't trust not getting my bike nicked at places like this. Anyone want to meet up somewhere ?
  8. Good good, too many puddles maybe ?
  9. Is it not a requirement of M.O.T. ? It's nice to know some twat is trying to get on the pillion seat with you so you can move aside. Don't like other vehicles breathing down my neck. They might think they have the best brakes and reactions in the world but I don't believe them.
  10. Does anyone have experience of aftermarket master cylinder as in my quest to sort my newly acquired RD125LC out, the previous owner replaced the master cylinder with a universal one which doesn't have a mounting for the mirror. He supplied the old master cylinder which I ordered a repair kit for which (you can guess where this is going) doesn't fit. I know it's going to be a ball ache to get the right parts and am considering an ebay replacement. I can get the master cylinder for the front brake and a clutch lever to match for little more than I've already paid for the wrong repair kit.
  11. Are you still getting the bus to work Phil or has Sabrinas bike been sorted ?
  12. http://www.rd350lc.net/RZRD125LC/10W-82blue.jpg Think they only did these in 82 ?
  13. ooh cool, What colour is it now? Are you going to put it back to an original scheme? I miss square headlights. Some sort of Red. Will check with the guy in case I need to repaint anything. If I decide on a full strip / rebuild it will probably go back to White/red like my old one used to be. Yeah, you can ask Why so many ? Y & A reg have wrong (later) front end
  14. Shame it's been painted in a non standard colour scheme. Hope it proves as reliable as my last one I sold 25 years ago.
  15. You say it runs fine for 2 mins ? Just a thought, but does the engine have a temp sensor ? Wonder whether the ecu isn't getting a signal back to tell it the engine has warmed up and leaned off the mixture. Not sure what to make out of your comments about it wont start or bump these days so will ignore this. Sounds a bit of a weird one though
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