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  1. Totally agree with the above. I've had new clothing and I've second hand, leathers and textiles. All are fine. When it is damper I tend to wear textiles for better protection from the elements but leather during hot sunny days. You can get a nice wax to treat your leathers (Duckwax) and make them waterproof but then I find that they are too hot on sunny days. I always treat my boots though! Hate wet feet! As for helmets, 100% agree get new. don't risk second hand. I have always used LS2. A friend once told me that generally the more you spend on gear, the better quality or protect
  2. Ohhh yeah I have no idea, certainly not Ronnie Pickering.... He might have been Alice....... Who the f*ck is Alice? But then you knew that was coming didn't you?
  3. The driver who parked in the loading bay who wasn't loading I think s-westerly meant who was he to be so important that he would say, do you know who I am!
  4. On the way to work I called into Tesco. Coming out is a ONE WAY and a car driving into the car park against the flow of traffic. On the bike so have little option but to pull alongside her and tell her that it is a ONE WAY! I think she said, 'Oh, terribly sorry old chap. I'll turn around and go in the correct way.' but through my helmet the muffed tones sounded like, 'I only want to go one way so wind your f***ing neck in you pr*ck'. Car following me and stopped in front of her and switched off his engine, got out of the car and sat on bonnet reading his newspaper. She was f**king
  5. OMG ... that was funny! If you have a spare hour that is! lol
  6. I am all for sorting the climate but to put 100's if not 1000's of lives at risk is despicable. I agree Manxie that is a terrorist attack! Definition of terrorism being: 'I'm going to frighten the shit out you till I get what I want'.
  7. I know Newport is not far away but the comparison between my old place and where I live now is unbelievable.
  8. Now oddly, I moved from an area of Bristol called Lawrence Weston. Now if any of you know Bristol at all you'll know that this has one of the highest numbers for bike theft and burn outs etc in the region- minimum one or two a week. My bike insurance there while being parked on a driveway and covered and chained to a wall was about £125 comprehensive. I moved to Pontypool in January and my partner being a member of the local constabulary did a check and discovered that there had been no vehicle thefts or damage in the previous 3 months at all. ZERO! My bike insurance increased to £160 and
  9. Now that's the odd thing ... I moved in January from a high crime area ... cars burnt out regularly and bikes nicked by the dozen to a quiet area where crime was virtually non existent and my car insurance went up 25% and bike a tenner! My partner works for the police so she was able to check bike and car thefts for me and found ZERO thefts or damage in the previous 3 months in my new place against 3 figure values per month in my old place!
  10. How do you do it, Bob? Mine never goes down! I even took the IAM test and it went up even more!
  11. Yeah I saw that afterwards too.
  12. Ah ... crafty. Can understand the logic though.
  13. According to their add they got 10 available!
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VARTA-YB14L-A2-12N14-3A-Motorcycle-Battery-YAMAHA-FJ-1100-CC-1984-1992/322003795067?hash=item4af8ebfc7b:g:xfQAAOSwHnFV4ykv How can these people justify that price? £35 everywhere else.
  15. From the Ask The Police website... The law makes no mention as to how far you can go for an MOT but we would suggest the distance is kept as short as possible because even though you are exempt from having a valid MOT certificate in the circumstances described above, if you are stopped by the police you could still be prosecuted for any defective parts on your vehicle e.g. exhaust, brakes and tyres etc. If you call in at shops etc. on your way to the MOT, it may be held that you are using the vehicle for other purposes and the above exemption won't apply. The further you travel the more lik
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