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  1. With RAC, covers bike and car. Picked up by bikers twice who advised on fault each time and saved a fortune on repairs.
  2. Happy Birthday Bob, have a good one
  3. If I'm not there tomoz I can pop to yours or vice versa to try on the jacket if that's ok? Tbh not sure if I can be arsed to go this week, unless EAB Steve goes! Put a lot of miles in at the weekend and gonna be up late tonight finally finishing the last of my radiography coursework *and then I'm freeeee!* Ollie can't come cos of the usual bike service schedule lameness ! Good luck with your coursework
  4. Anyone going to BSB on 11th August, Barry Burrell, from my neck of the woods, been riding on the German circuit, is back in BSB he has a ride for Quattro Kawasaki
  5. Happy Birthday Mandy, have a good day
  6. Got there this time and enjoyed the "bimble" and meeting up with you guys. Unbeleivable that Moo is in the same street as me....bizzare Will write to Mr Whippy too am always missing out:( Hope to be there Tuesday too
  7. First car was a Vauxhall viva, cant remember reg but was a D reg 1966 second car a Hillman Imp PXG 805H ... had the engine out once a month to get the head skimmed
  8. I have an 02 Trophy, just had it a few months, felt very heavy at first, but once it is moving is very manoeuvrable and feels so balanced and light to ride. Very comfortable to ride I have back problems so the position suits too. Hope you enjoy the new bike.
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