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  1. You have guns? Do they have names?
  2. Why don't the Authorities do something about this shit instead of leaving it for me to inadvertently splash in? Fortunately Death and Dismemberment was avoided........but it could have been so different!
  3. I'm shocked as well @Slowlycatchymonkey.......I think all the nutters homed in on me!
  4. Not really......but in 1970's Swansea you had to take what you could get!
  5. Really? I used to work with one girl in the 70's and her fanny stunk the building out! We used to tell her....."Gwenda....your fanny f@cking stinks girl.....sort it out FFS" We were a motor factors but you'd swear you'd walked into MacFisheries!
  6. Don't English girls have fishy fannies then? I thought it was a universal thing!
  7. And he's even accusing me of edits that I never made (as confirmed by @Tiggie)........cos he can't read! what a Twat!
  8. No edit! @Tiggie......can you confirm that no edits have been done?
  9. Try reading it again you dumb Gammon! If you're still confused ask a grownup!
  10. ........till we have the official polls for MOTY (Man of the Year) and TOTY (Twat of the Year) 2020. Current MOTY is @fastbob based on his mechanical advice to members on an ongoing basis, while @Six30 is the current TOTY. That's based on him being a Twat. And causing people to flounce! Just a reminder that no Mods or Admin can be nominated for MOTY.......because that role is part of their gig. But as for TOTY.....it's a free for all....and everybody's in the running! It's all to play for! Since last year, @Stu has caused more flounces than anybody in the history of this forum w
  11. 3C feeding the horses at 9AM this morning! I blame the EU!
  12. The reality is that you might like riding fannies......but that doesn't mean you need to be a Gynecologist.
  13. My story is a tragic one......because I've been belted by every female I've ever been with. And stabbed by one! One that always sticks in my mind was Mary the Margam Slag in 1973! She was ugly as f@ck so I took her round the back of Port Talbot Steelworks in the car so nobody would see me with her. I went straight for it......hand down her pants.....but she grabbed my arm and pulled my hand out. When my hand came out I could smell the fish......reeking it was! So I stuck my hand in front of her face and said....."Smell that Mary.......you're good to go luv". I thought it was qui
  14. They reckon that when McQueen was married to one of his wives in the 60's he was shagging on average 10 different birds a week behind his wife's back!
  15. My first longterm girlfriend back in 1972 pinned me in a doorway and tried to slit my throat! I still have a trace of a scar after all these years. Needless to say that was the end of that relationship........found out recently that she died of cancer 15 years ago.
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