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  1. Have to try and give the bike a little run tomorrow......cos there's a shitfest heading my way!
  2. But no mention of vaginal hygiene?
  3. Excellent @Mississippi Bullfrog.......the scenery is taking shape now too.
  4. Yes.....but I think most of my posts go right over your head Dave! As do most things it has to be said!
  5. When's it going live MB? And I thought @dynax was supposed to be doing one as well? But it appears that he's now turned his attention to staggering round graveyards at night while carrying guns!
  6. That was my thought initially.......but then it dawned on me! @Stu
  7. Shit.....those things can move! But I'm more of a Model Railway man myself!
  8. This is so funny........
  9. @Tiggie.....you're in the driving seat! Give us a Gif!
  10. I don't know how any of you can watch F1. First of all it's CARS.......and secondly it's seriously boring shit. You'd get more entertainment watching Scalextric cars going round..
  11. You may have a point there! Where's @Six30 to give a ruling on this? Has he flounced?
  12. Back to the challenge.......is it @Tiggie?
  13. It's weird enough to make me think of @dynax.......but I can't make a connection!
  14. Seeing as Mawsley hasn't come up with anything......I'm passing the Gif baton to you!
  15. Tony Carter! Ex motorcycle cop and authority on legal claims due to accidents. I didn't see that flounce......so no idea who caused it.
  16. And who was the catalyst for the "sabbatical"? I'm trying to allocate flounces so we have a good pool of Twats to choose from in TOTY!
  17. Yeh......just waiting on him to get his ass in gear!
  18. You Twat Dave......you're not supposed to out yourself! You're in the driving seat now......give us a Gif!
  19. No.....I need to get the f@cking Water Board checked!
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