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  1. Sounds interesting Tiger. Can anyone give their opinion on the difference between Rospa and IAM? I'm slightly confused with it all.
  2. I would imagine that yes it all counts. Maybe you could give the lad some advice next?
  3. I have a Honda Hornet CB600, It's annual service is due this month, but I have never taken a bike for a service before, due to not owning a motorbike for that long. So what am I looking for the garage to do on an annual service? It is 2010 plate and currently on around 2500 miles. Thanks for advice.
  4. I popped along today. Manged to buy a HJC IS-17 helmet for £100. Well happy with that. And the triumphs.... Oh my. Thats what i want to buy next. The street twin i think it was called. The red one.
  5. mine took 5 weeks to come viewtopic.php?f=47&t=54699&p=864160#p864160
  6. Well done Shirl. I think we all are chuffed for you to pass this after all of us reading about your 7 attempts on the mod 1. Fantastic stuff.
  7. Well done indeed. To fail 6 times and to carry on shows what great determination you have. Well done for sticking with it. Mod 2 will be a breeze.
  8. Shirl, You are obviously getting closer to nailing it so just keep at it. I wont offer any advice because its already been covered here above. Also i agree that mod 1 is alot trickier than mod 2. So just carry on until this wretched mod1 is out the way. And with 8000 bike miles under your belt mod 2 should be a breeze. Good luck
  9. My cb600f seems to be pulling slightly to the right. And i mean ever so slightly. Hardly that noticeable. But i do notice it. When im on a good straight road holding the bike riding in a straight line the handlebar seems angled slightly to the right. Is this something i can take a look at myself, first point of inspection? When the bike is stationary the handlebars sit straight ok. Excuse my newby question (lack of experience)
  10. Robik, read through my posts on here, i completed my mod2 last month and now own a hornet 600.
  11. I am a home owner and currently in the process of building a driveway. Outside my house there is a path before the road and it looks like i will need to drop 4 whole kerbs and two half kerbs. Has anyone applied to do this before? Is it the council i get in touch with? Any feedback on peoples experiences with this will be appreciated. Thanks
  12. I have my previous military training to thank for my categories. I appreciate cat A license supersedes A1 and A2 categories but I still want the dvla to type on the dates on them categories purely for the reason of filling up the license After all I have never passed a car and trailer test but yet have the entitlement due to me passing a higher trailer test. damn you dvla
  13. Guess what came through my door today? finally. As you can see I have the full complete set of driving license categories. And although I understand that category A license is a full motorcycle license, it is a shame that they couldn't just fill in the date on the A1 and A2 license section on the back of that license. It looks almost complete now because of that. haha Anyone else here have recently passed their MOD2?, Can you look on the back of your license to see if just the cat A has been filled in like mine and not the A1 & A2. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE**
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