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  1. Cant really go wrong with a Aygo, really good on fuel, nimble, not fast by any means but can be fun to throw about. The latest shape 2014 onwards are the ones to go for as earlier ones had water leaks as someone mentioned earlier aswell as a few other niggling problems. They also have a better build quality than earlier models. The engines are toyota engines and if looked after wont cause any problems. A few of the earlier ones had a secondary exhaust sensor failure and needed a new sensor and software update if required but most were fixed during the warranty period. Personally id s
  2. I done both my Mod1 and Mod2 at the st helens test centre. I have no idea what there pass rates are like maybe you could google them to find out although that wont reflect if you will pass or not. Mod1 went ok apart from the start where he was suspicious about my gloves, he was under the impression they were ski type gloves for some reason but either way got on to the test area and passed it. Mod2 was ok had some big guy who followed me on a bike but ive heard they can follow in a car. Ended up going the wrong way on the ride but he just took me another way. Also i think the instruc
  3. Do you mean bobbins so you can use a paddock stand? Most gsxr's seem to use a M8 bolt to secure them to the swingarm. I got mine from here http://www.rg-racing.com/browseType/Cot ... R0001.aspx
  4. Mines the same i get around 3 hours before it runs out of life which i think is pretty good.
  5. Its not waterproof with the external mic i got caught in a rain shower and it ended up misting up the camera. How long are you getting from a battery? Make sure wi-fi is off as it kills the battery if left on.
  6. I agree with you 100% but for the sake of a few quid i bought through a reputable seller. After spending 225 on a camera i thought why try and save a few quid on the battery.
  7. Im not sure on the exact battery to be honest i can take a pic tomorrow if that helps? I got mine from actioncameras.co.uk because i didn't want to risk a fake of ebay. It was 20 quid but if you get a discount code you should be able to get some money off.
  8. I have one, external mic in helmet is a must as the wind noise is unbearable on playback imo. Also a spare battery is useful for rides over 3 hours.
  9. Ive got a digital torque wrench never had a problem with it, its passed every calibration for over 5 years and its calibrated every 3 months. It also does degrees. Also work with a lad who has a halfords torque wrench and he has never wound it back after use . Think the only time it gets wound back is after its been calibrated which is also every 3 months and its never failed yet.
  10. I think it appears much worse than it actually is, once you start doing lessons etc it all seems to make sense and fall in to place. I actually think having your off road tests on mod 1 is better than having them combined in the one test.
  11. From cbt to passing mod 2 took me about four months. That was with one two hour lesson every week. As others have said the biggest delay was waiting for test dates.
  12. Exactly how i was taught and passed my test this way also. Although now sometimes i put it in neutral and sit up to give my back and wrists a break.
  13. Gutted, i don't trust any of this sticky stuff for this type of application. I've even got a strap on my helmet to my drift camera just incase.
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