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  1. No experience at all did Cbt one week and 4 day das the next. Passed no problem. Been riding for about 3 years without any issues. Depends how confident you are as to weather you need more experience before hand. I didn't want my licence til I was 30 though as I was to immature
  2. Any recommend some Kevla/Aramid Jeans? Seen some about recently that have knee and hip protection but they are pretty cheap so not sure they will be much good? Also looking for a pair of boots that have good protection but look normal and not bulky for when I'm not gonna be doing high speeds
  3. same ere not 125 but up for meeting people. I often ride Winchester, brighton, Guilford areas.
  4. I'm in Fareham and up for meeting up. Dont get the time to get out much but I'll be out this morning and could arrange something for future
  5. If anyone's in the area and wants to meet up. Give me an email and we'll arange something. Jthorne1983@yahoo.co.uk I'll be out tomorrow morning for a bit
  6. I'll be going for a ride at some point tomorrow. Morning I think. Email me if you fancy it Jthorne1983@yahoo.co.uk
  7. Haven't been on the site since i last posted and just came across it last night, I didn't get any notifications before either. Anyway i'm still up for a ride if you're interered. I'm in Fareham now.
  8. hi im a new rider and in portsmouth, been going out most evenings after work and that, if you want ride about give me shout, i'll be up for it
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