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  1. It's all you can do really. Wife begrudgingly understands that once I get something in my head, I usually get it. Sometimes she's alright about it, sometimes there's a week or so of the silent treatment.
  2. Our CEO has taken Covid very seriously. So seriously in fact that he hasn't been seen since it was first mentioned! I'm the only one who has had it and he won't let me back in the office until I test negative. The problem there is that viral fragments are still present in the body until around 30 days from first infection and I've got loads of work to do that I can't do from home.
  3. Nice one @bonio. Shame you didn't get a response. I'd like an electric car - nice little snooze in a Tesla on the way to work or maybe a chewie from a floozie. Who knows. Look at the French (sorry) they've got stacks of spare electricity as they're over producing because they've got nuclear. That what we need.
  4. *Possible thread derailment alert* This is interesting as I am doing my dissertation on EV vs hybrid technology and associated infrastructure. As @S-Westerly pointed out, we do not have the infrastructure to supply the power needed to run significant amounts of EV, nor do we have the power generating capacity - we're nowhere near! The main focus of switching to EV is the cost to the consumer which is valid however, the other aspect is fuel efficiecy. The UK generates most of it's power from gas and oil with a bit from nuclear and some renewables with a smidg
  5. No, I'm telling you that I had bollock ache last week while I had Covid.
  6. I'll add heartburn and achy balls.
  7. My work insisted I do another (private) test yesterday before I go back to work so here's hoping for a good result...
  8. True story: Several hundred years ago when I was plod, I was driving a cell van (LWB Sprinter) through a one way street in Gravesend. Bare in mind that the van was very big, white with blue lights, battenberg, a riot cage and "Police" in big letters all over it. As I got to the top of the road, some bloke saw me, wobbled about a bit and still turned in to the road so he was nose to nose with me. The guy was a f*cking genius.
  9. It's not the end @fastbob, I expect fairly soon that someone of some influence will discover that electric vehicles are nett less fuel efficient that the stuff we chug about in now.
  10. Good point about the CB boys, I hadn't considered that. I found a local bloke on FB who's happy to have a look. So long as he doesn't rip the arse out if it then we're all good. @paulc - That's the company I've contacted and am still waiting... I think I must have read just about every thread on the internet about problems with these frigging boards!
  11. Can't be done @husoi, they're long defunct! I've cobbled together an alternative to power the feed motors for now but it would be good to have it running the original gear. @Bender - I've tried that forum for stuff in the past and it's not been the most helpful. There is a company that will do an exchange refurbishment but they've not replied to my emails. I know some people have an interest in fixing up this kind of stuff and keep components in stock. I have two types of diode in the garage and that's it!
  12. You know it! I'm already on the yahoo group. I've got the diagram but have little time or interest in troubleshooting it. Just though I'd throw it out to anyone who can fix it in exchange for cash.
  13. Alright dudes. Is anyone out there a whizz at fixing up old circuit boards? The control board on my mill is knacked and needs a bit of attention - It's popped the main power input traces a couple of times by the look of it. Here's a pic of the offending article. As you can see, it's of a certain vintage!
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