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  1. @onesea @Stu - yes, it's very good, cheap too! I used it on the turbo project and it didn't harm the aluminium, magnesium or paint on the engine. Recently I've been using it to clean up the sminge from some 40 odd year old machinery. No damage to any paintwork there either. The only thing to note is that it does take a bit of washing off - a quick dribble from a watering can won't do it, it needs at least a blast from the hose.
  2. Screwfix no nonsense degreaser. You'll know it's good because it'll knack the skin on your hands.
  3. However, if you had some abortion of a 125 'cafe racer" then they would likely welcome you with open arms.
  4. You're thinking too small mate, I've got my eye on a £100k/year gig.
  5. Don't forget that we can cream off a nice chuck for ourselves for "administration" purposes.
  6. Tweed, heavy cotton shirt, waxed beard and probably a neckerchief... Sounds like the kind of person we were warned to avoid as kids. I understand that they want to appeal to the trendy fuckwits but is there any reason we can't have a normal person's charidee rideout?
  7. The only reason we have the TV on here is for the kids or background noise. There's very rarely anything on that either of us want to watch.
  8. That sounds like a challenge to me Bob.
  9. Have you got much space between the tyre and mudguard/frame?
  10. Mr Fro

    Car Aircon

    I used one of those bottles on my old V70. The condenser let go at some point in the process and dumped the lot in a big chuff of a cloud. Scared the shit out of the neighbours kids. I put a new condenser on it and had a bloke come and fill it up. I think it was about £40. It lasted a few months before it leaked out so I didn't bother again.
  11. Mr Fro


    No catch. It was my track bike so it's got a race fairing, snazzy suspension, nicely tuned etc.
  12. Mr Fro


    You can have mine for £1700. I'd even put an MOT on it!
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