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  1. Come on baby, Could be first ride of the year tomorrow!!!!!!!! Who's getting on it?
  2. Hi all, Riding up to Dumfries from Harrogate tomorrow and staying at a hotel there. anyone have any suggestions on the best rides out of there. We'll probably do a big route round the SW there before moving further up on Sat/Sun. Any suggestions on the best rides round there? Regards Andrew
  3. I've used foam plugs for ages but fancied some customer ones after seeing a stand at the MCN festival in Peterborough. I bought some of the custom ones you can do yourself from Amazon and they seem OK but was thinking about getting a proper fitting set done by professionals with filters as well. Also, Boots and Specsavers are offering these. Any good? Has anyone got any or can suggest a good place to get them from? I'm interested to see how good they really are. Thanks
  4. dunno if they'd do cbr one like all the other ones I've looked at around the 50 quid mark are for cbr125r up to 2010. Anything after 2010 seem to rocket in price Think I paid 60 quid for mine. They had quite a selection but don't know anything about how they would fit to a faired bike and if they need cutting. Worth checking out though.
  5. I bought some Puig R12s for my Streetfighter and they look decent and seem a good quality. hopefully I wont need to use them.
  6. Morning all, Can anyone tell me how/where to plug this in on my gixxer k6? The previous owner put on a new exhaust and my bike is showing a FI warning on the dash. I was told you can just pull out a wire to stop this warning light but it wont adjust if the bike is running too lean or too rich. Can anyone help? Do i have to take the fairing off? Cheers
  7. Anyone going to Donington Park on Sunday?
  8. Want the bikes up agains the wall out of the way so need something with some length. Thats why cables look to be the best option.
  9. Hi all, Just got my new place with garage and i'm putting a ground anchor in. I have a big chain for my motorbike but looking at putting two push bikes on it as well using cables through the anchor. Can anyone suggest anyhting? I've seen those Kryptonite cables but dont know much about them. I know its probably more of a push bike question than motorbike but the good people of TMBF have always been helpful. Any help appreciated.
  10. Evening ladies and gentlemen, I finally passed my mod one on the second go!!! My mod two test is next week and i'm doing it on a street triple as i find it so much easier and smoother than the xj6. Role on the 7th
  11. I got given the 'imagine you have a massive c*ck thats hanging out your boot on top of the rear brake pedal' speach. It should stop me being too agressive.
  12. Got to the emergency stop with no minors and then bang!!!!!!!! too much back break and a big skid!!! Feeling a little deflated at the moment but the instructor let me ride the Triumph Street Triple (13) back from Wakefield to Harrogate. Quality bike and really goes.
  13. Morning Chaps/Ladies, Have my Mod 1 booked in on Wednesday morning. All went well in my run throughs yesterday and despite going to fast on the swerve avoidance, the instructor was happy. Any advice for me to get me through? Andrew
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