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  1. Thanks chaps, I thought when writing this that if the neutral light is blinking it's probably plugged in where the indicator should be. Going to try the multimeter trick too. ;-)
  2. Hi, Some complete ignoramus (me) thought it would be a good idea to swap out some perfectly good working front indicators. It started well I systematically removed the old wires one by one each time replacing with the new replacement wire. Having successfully done the right indicator I tried to remove the first of the old wires for the left side, it wasn't budging at all so I tried a bit more leverage with some pliers and in a Frank Spencer moment successfully removed the wire along with about 5 unintentional others including the two new ones I'd just attached. Having a hand full o
  3. Thanks guys, Well it's a mystery, checked the only place it could get snagged or crimped and it was loose and free, checked it again whilst turning the bars the revs increased but again not snagging, removed the cable and ran it directly to the carb, no increase, re-routed it where it's supposed to be and hey presto no increase. Makes absolutely no sense, but for now the issue has vanished.
  4. Thanks guys, Only the one cable, not much for it to get hooked up on other than the tank brackets, I'll take a look could be it's binding on them
  5. Hi, Weird one, I've just replaced my throttle cable and everything looks fine, the throttle operates as it should but when I turn the handlebars fully the throttle increases. Now I could understand if this was full left as it may stretch the cable but this only happens full right. There's nowhere for the cable to get caught or crimped and it's a simple run from the switch, under the tank to the carb. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  6. Hi, I don't seem to have any running lights, I've checked both bulbs and they appear to be ok (no loose or broken filaments) The brake light is working but that's it. The front light has two bulbs, both of which look ok. From memory this bike's lights only worked when the engine was running, which I've tried but nothing. Any idea where I should be looking? or what I should be looking at? Is there some sort of relay for the lights? (I'm not very knowledgeable in such matters)
  7. Hi, Not having ridden the bike for a few years and being a complete novice I forgot to turn off the fuel tap. The bike had been sat in the garage for a few days (missing it's air filter but with the choke on) and when I returned to it the tank was empty. Now I know there are no fuel leaks on it, none at all, did a complete check before I put fuel in it. Is it possible for fuel to evaporate through the carb if the tap is left on?
  8. Hi It's a Chinese 50cc, more of a toy really. I doubt there's much in the way of a manual out there for it. I do know that it has a PZ19 carb, anyone know what setting the jet needle should be at for sea level in the uk?
  9. Hi, I'm taking a wild guess here but I think my mixture may be way too high, spark is black and it'll only run smoothly without the air filter, also when I give it some throttle from idle the revs drop instead of increase. Could these all be related to a too high mixture?
  10. Hi, Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you chaps for all your advice, my little 50 is alive again. Fuelled it up this afternoon and took it for a 50 yard test run. Gears and clutch are finally working!! It does have a new quirk, instead of a slow and measured take off, you let the clutch out gentle while increasing the throttle and there's no slow crawl, it's more of a nothing, nothing, nothing, cover picture of bat out of hell. I'm sure it's just down to some adjustment. Cheers chaps
  11. Thanks guys, Battery charged and now on the bike, spent half an hour trying to get the lights working before I remembered the bike has to be running (been a while).
  12. Well I hope it wasn't important as I've just lost it, well that solves that one then.
  13. Definitely been sealed, inch and a half pipe with black sealant of somekind looks like silicon sealent you'ld use for a bathroom but black. Most bike pics I've seen just have a tube. wondering if this was put on for transport to stop it leaking. http://www.systemben.com/battery.jpg
  14. Thanks, This tube is filled with black putty like stuff half way up so is acting more like a cap than a vent, do I just swap it out for a regular tube(no gunk)?
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