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  1. Should really do it every year. Its no different to the engine and the valves/shims will gunk up making the bike handle like shit.
  2. The only place its ever helped is devils elbow at mallory park.
  3. And it feels way more natural to change in 1up 5down I was doing some work on my RVF 400 years ago and me and my friend accidentally put it back in race shift, once I'd worked out what we'd done I kept it like that for a week then changed it back, if I'd have gotten used to it I think it would be ok, can see why people who race or do a lot of track days prefer it. I thought the switch would be hard and take some getting used to. I can only remember one time where i clicked the wrong way.
  4. but how often do you use 1st on a race bike ? pulling away and that's about it Hairpins, if you leave it in second when you should be in first you will drop down the grid rapidly.
  5. And it feels way more natural to change in 1up 5down
  6. Stick the peanut butter ontop of a bucket or a pile of bricks. The rat will still get it but the headgehog wont.
  7. In which case you remove or otherwise deal with any access to a food supply so the rats are forced to eat poisoned bait. And tell your warehouse people that doors must be kept secure when not in use or unattended. if rats can get in so easily then so can thieves and Im sure you wouldn't hesitate to take steps if you were robbed. if equipment walked out the door. Poisions are only any good if the rats eat it and its changed for a diffrent poison regular, if anyone farms maize local then poisons don't work. A old bloke asked if i could shoot a few rats in his barn because the poison wasn't
  8. The way we used to shoot them as kids was to mash some tinned catfood up so there was no lumps. Smear it on a brick and then shoot them at dusk/dark using a lamp. If the farm had a light that could be left on we would leave it on for a few nights and throw food down so they wasn't bothered with the lights and we didn't have to take a lamp. Flat head pellets are the best for rats, keep it to about 20m.
  9. Just had a look and it looks like there is no new ones.
  10. My dad hates me riding. The amount of times ive crashed you would think he would be used to it by now. Il watch the videos, its happend so me watching it isn't going to change anything. I might even learn something.
  11. Donny has loads of run off and gravel in the right places. Just book on and enjoy yourself. Let 5/10 psi out of the tyres, drink water and dont have a massive lunch.
  12. No need to do loads of trackdays. I know lads who have only ever done 1 trackday and they run with the front pack. That's what I was unsure of, I didn't know if you needed track experience before doing the race licence . That must have just been how he went for it. Nah just jump in and have fun.
  13. Yer me riding around at 50mph and dodging potholes isn't my idea of fun.
  14. No need to do loads of trackdays. I know lads who have only ever done 1 trackday and they run with the front pack.
  15. 50% of the advice is bull shit. Its up to you to figure it out. Most trackdayers talk crap.
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