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  1. I’m still liking mine a lot, if you find a well looked after one that’s good value I’d say take a punt on it, even if it does crap itself you’ll get most of your money back. Or do the sensible thing and buy a Landcruiser, I’ve had one before and they’re great too!.
  2. Good luck with it all, starting a business is a brave but rewarding decision, I hope it goes well for you.
  3. I do feel bad for you, boilers going wrong are never good, although every cloud has a silver lining, just think, you could have bought that Range Rover you were considering and it could have crapped itself!. (Mine has been fine so far other than that prop bearing and a £100 AC pipe and regas)
  4. Take the car, the roads are pretty quiet at the moment if you need to get to work, you won’t get frozen, risk coming off on ice or getting your bike covered in road salt.
  5. Do they still have the CB500 cup?, I guess quite a few have been bought and crashed for that, as well as just age and people not wanting them anymore. Shame really, like I say I liked the one I had briefly-it was in 2012/2013. I also passed my test on one years ago too!.
  6. I feel a bit sorry for teen riders these days, my 30+ BHP 125 felt epic back in the day and smelt better . To be fair though the newer 4 stroke ones are much less likely to go bang!.
  7. I pretty much got given a CB500 that needed a bit of work back when I had an S1000RR, rode it a few times after I’d sorted it and although they’re very different bikes from different eras I honestly quite liked it, I know what I’d rather commute on!.
  8. I had a go on a friends ZXR400, really liked it but that’s the closest I’ve got to owning one. I’ve always really liked the look of them,especially in green/blue/white with the pipes out of the fuel tank, just looks so cool!.
  9. Well, you probably could but it would turn into a 4 week trip and be quite unpleasant..... Nothing wrong with 125s though, it’s just use the right tool for the job I suppose, fwiw I wouldn’t want to do a 2 week European trip on my bike either, it would be horrible!.
  10. I’d sooner be commuting on one of them every day than a sports bike to be honest, the old Honda CB500s would be a good shout too.
  11. Possibly thinking about making this my last year of riding on the road and track converting the R1 next winter, not sure yet though.
  12. If you do have secure parking then that's one less obstacle for getting the R6 as it will be safe, the last thing anyone wants to come back to is their bike not being where they left it. As far as comfort and commuting go, I did a couple of weeks commuting on a Panigale V4, it was do able but completely unenjoyable, an R6 won't be nearly as bad, except for the comfort.
  13. Of course, and it would have to be somewhere with decent weather so I could ride a different one every day .
  14. If I had a lottery win I'd probably have a 916,RC45,R7,ZXR750 and an RS250 and NSR250 all parked next to each other really like most of the 90s exotic sports bikes.
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