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  1. The only way to do it is with a school otherwise you have to sort out insurance for your own bike and transport to get it there Alot of hastle. I did it with a school £530. Passed, now got a cb500 the (reasonably) old school one.
  2. A month or so later and i've had the levers and cable sorted so it's definitely not them. Alignment was out on the clutch lever which was causing some unwanted tension. Now as i slow down (say in second gear) by just using the throttle a horrible grinding sound comes from the engine. I'm gonna guess that this is the clutch slipping as it tries to transfer the change (decrease) in power from the engine to the wheels. I thought it could either be that or a chain issue. May just need a new clutch. If i had the tools and some space i'd change the clutch plates myself as i'd save around £100 doing
  3. Thanks alot! i'm crossing my fingers and hoping that when the bike fell and bent the clutch handle it messed up the adjustment and that's all that needs doing. I'm gonna look into it all later. Thank you!
  4. I asked a mechanic, (not the usual one) and he said if it's slipping then the clutch is going and i need a new one. He said that the tuning on the clutch makes no difference if it's slipping and he wont have time to replace the clutch until after the weekend. I'm meant to be doing about a 200 mile drive tomorrow . I really need to try to get it fixed tonight. I hope it isn't the clutch, maybe if i stay at low rev's tomorrow the bike will survive the journey (although it will be even longer) and get it repaired on the other end.
  5. Though apparently somehow Nitrogen molecules are still larger [1] The main benefit of it is that there is no moisture in purified nitrogen. The same benefit comes with using dry air. Though the differences between how fast the two leak isn't really that dramatic. So if air is leaking fast then i guess there is something else causing it. references [1]http://www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/safety/filling-tyres-with-nitrogen.html
  6. Right, first thing tomorrow i'm taking it back down. Is there any way to tell if it's an easy fix or something wrong with the clutch itself? There's no burning smell or problems at low rpm's. Think it's damaging the bike then?
  7. I think that you're right, i definitely smell burning clutch when at high rpm. I just hope it's just that adjustments need to be made rather than something that wrong internally with the clutch as a result of the bike hitting the ground. Could turn out expensive if so
  8. Joeman wrote 'Size of an Nitrogen atom = 0.075pm Size of an Oxygen atom = 0.073pm So yes, Nitrogen atoms are larger than Oxygen molecules, but not by very much!!' No Nitrogen atoms are larger than Oxygen atoms but not larger than Oxygen molecules but the distance between the two atoms in each molecule (which contributes to most of it's size is) 121pm for Oxygen 110pm for Nitrogen (Nitrogens triple bond means the atoms have to be closer together) So oxygen molecules are bigger. Sorry for being technical and i know this may not have much use, but just wanted to sate people cu
  9. Got the gear peddle back in place, that's working fine now. The mechanic fiddled with the clutch and now that's working better than it was before but at high rpm's (starts at about 6k) it feels as though i'm holding the clutch down. The revs go ridiculously high very fast without delivering much power to the bike. It's fine as long as i stick to low rpm's but that restricts my top speed on a 125 :/
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys, much appreciated. I've decided to have a lesson and get a preliminary evaluation on how much training i need. Then go from there.
  11. Thanks both. I'm gonna go look at it now and take it to a garage. Fingers crossed.
  12. Earlier today i slipped on a wet manhole cover. The bike (honda cbr 125) landed on it's left side, my leg caught some of the impact but when trying to get it home i noticed it wouldn't shift down gears. Only up. The gear pedal hits the side stand. I had to hold in the clutch and get high revs to get it to move anywhere. It felt as if the clutch wasn't releasing properly when i let it go completely. Anyone have any idea on how much of a job it would be to repair and how much it would possibly cost? Any advice appreciated. Thanks alot. James.
  13. I've been driving a few months and i drive from north england to south wales quite often. It's a pain in the backside (literally) on a 125, so looking to do my test and get a bigger bike. I've heard it can cost £500-£600 to do the test with training. i want a cbr600 eventually but need to either wait two years (i'm 22) for that. Alternatively buy ANOTHER bike just for the two years and then do the A test. Finally buy the cbr600. Are the extra training lessons worth it/needed to pass the tests. Also does anyone have any advice on the subject. Thanks. James
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