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  1. It would be a push to call them silencers lol, as far as I know they are unbaffled and extremely loud if like my last set! You are right though, they are not a full set but attach to the headers.
  2. Jardine and Cobra make a slip on set of 2" drag pipes for the vf, just thought I'd ask here before ordering new from custom cruisers. Edit: Jardine are currently unavailable but Cobra are still available. I had a set on my first vf that I had in '00-01.
  3. As title please, it's a bit of a long shot but worth a try! Edit: must be for '93 onwards thank you.
  4. As title, I'm looking for a Fender aerodyne Telecaster guitar in vgc. Let me know what you have and I'll get back to you. Many thanks Stumblebum
  5. Happy birthday TMBF. I don't really post on here as much as I should but still enjoy the forum all the same, here's to another eight years!
  6. Led Zeppelin hoodie Electro-harmonix Holy Grail+ reverb pedal TC Electronics Polytune 2 tuner Selection of Ernie Ball Strings Lots of wine Peanuts?!
  7. +1 on the TCX Infinity boots, I had mine for ages before passing them on to a friend and they are still waterproof and going strong. I can highly recommend TCX boots.
  8. I'd never have thought about them till I saw a couple of videos on YouTube, just blew me away with the tone from such a small head. Marshall? Marshall who?!
  9. Picked up the Orange head and cab last night and all I can say is WOW! Plugged the Les Paul into it, had a fiddle with the dials and managed to get that Paul Kossoff sound out of it, merry Christmas to me! Just got to learn to play better now!
  10. I think I'll try and come to this next year, I'll pay nearer the time when I know I'm going for sure. Look forward to meeting you all!
  11. She sounds beautiful, loads of sustain pick a note and it rings for ages. I've played it through a Bugera v22 tube amp and a blackstar ht1r tube amp and you get that lovely humbucker crunch. Will soon be playing it through a new Orange head and cab
  12. Picked the guitar up today, it's an absolute stunner (to me anyway!). Not really sure how to get pics put up from my iPad so I'll put the listing number from eBay so you can see the decent pictures that the seller put up. I got the guitar for an absolute song as there was no other bidding! Here is the listing number 171542575823.
  13. Thanks to all who replied to this thread, I've ended up going for the guitar! I've bought a lovely Les Paul and will be picking it up on Wednesday. I'll try and get some pics up if I can work out how to do it from an iPad.
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