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  1. If you don’t have a one way valve then use your normal tubing, cut a slit towards the end and blank off the end of the tube using a pop rivet or screw, this will act as a one way valve
  2. Don’t hanve heated grips anymore (and miss them this time of year)but I never go on with winter gloves due to lack of feel, I found that my old hotgrips and my normal summer gloves with silk inner gloves were the option
  3. Scrub that last question just found it on the link and yes waterproof
  4. So you can just buy as many as you need and link to the app? Are they for external use as well as internal do you know?
  5. Brilliant, cheers mate that’s what I needed
  6. I made one out of gasket card when I did my valve clearances few weeks back but I think what’s happened is the torque figure is for the paper gasket OEM and once it’s got hot and damp with oil it’s no longer sealed because it’s thicker, which is why I was able to nip them up yesterday.
  7. As in title We have recently installed a wireless camera at work in the workshop and it’s proved a great bit of peace of mind that me and my dad can just open the app and view the workshop when we want and get notified anytime a huge moth flies past the camera, but this is an internal one and I want to install some wireless cameras at home in the garage, back garden, front of house and inside. So 4 cameras and the ability to save recordings on a hard drive isn’t essential as long as there is a cloud storage that can keep the motion alerts saved. I have seen a make called Adran does
  8. Yup went for a ride yesterday and a hoodie under my jacket was a tad too snug for my liking
  9. Hi people. I need a new cam tensioner gasket for my 2007 gsxr1000, does anyone know the correct part number or where I could find the info as on eBay it only mentions part numbers and not years and wemoto don’t list one at all. Mines developed a leak after putting everything back together and decorated my boot and side of the bike nicely leaving a puddle in the car park at wheels yesterday. Didn’t leak on the way home after a nip up but want to be on the safe side
  10. Pretty much as already discussed but allow me to disagree slightly. I would say that they are useless UNLESS they are stripped and rebuilt once in a while. So if ,like me, you enjoy solving mechanical problems and your time is your own , its not really an issue. Some people just like to ride and I get that, but others , like myself, consider time spent with the spanners to be an equally satisfying aspect of the biking experience. Yeah I see others have mentioned the same but just another wooden spoon in the broth. I spend all my time at work spannering and fixing the same things over and o
  11. Head to a local bike stop on a hot day and just get chatting is your best option. Alternatively your local McDonald’s on any given evening will supply you will L plate riders, not nesesarily the ones you want to go out with though, there idea of fun is wheelies in a car park or riding at warp speed in their eyes up and down residential roads with the exhaust removed because it sounds sick
  12. He prob has the same callipers I have on my zx6r the 6 pot toniko things! Tell him to bin them and buy any 4 pot callipers off a similar age bike. They are useless and need stripping and rebuilding once in a while
  13. I got the latest guy Martin book and a 1299 panigale model and ride 3, PS4 game Didn’t do too bad but I would have loved to find a piece of paper with payment made and an allocation for a new s1000rr 2019 lol
  14. No pictures but I had a fazer 600 1999 for my first but only had it a month before I traded for my first gsxr
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