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  1. wr6133

    Easy disc check?

    When did you last rebuild the Callipers? The Tokicos on the ZZR are a bloody nightmare for bunging up and for a piston or 2 to start sticking slightly. To keep mine not sticking after the last rebuild I now blast a bit of brake cleaner down them at least fortnightly.
  2. Mixed feelings to Oxford. I have a jacket and trousers that have remained waterproof (trousers are actually branded "roxter" but it's the same company), however I've also formerly had 2 other jackets that didn't. Also the design of the current one I have is crap, pockets are not well placed/sized, cuffs are annoyingly small, making pulling them over gloves a pain in the backside. Ixon do good textiles for not a lot more than Oxford. They feel better "designed" as if someone actually thought about the fact a human will need to wear it at some point.
  3. A couple of years ago there was a guy in his 80's used to attend Salisbury bike night on a Ducati, I see you're in dumpminster so you could try heading up there on a bike night see if he still exists.
  4. wr6133


    Where can I buy this? It actually exists (In Australia)! http://www.nulon.com.au/products/Aeroso ... YU3MelRGUk
  5. Buy a laptop if you absolutely have to have a portable option. If it's going to spend most of it's life sat in one place then buy a desktop. You get vastly more performance for your £££ especially if you build it yourself (easy it's like lego for adults). Something like this would cost about £500 and take you an afternoon to build/setup. Use a HDMI cable to use the TV as a monitor or budget an extra £70 for a 1080p monitor. If you want it to connect wireless to your router then add another £10. May seem like a bit of effort but a decent setup like below will be faster and a lot longer li
  6. wr6133


    If you don't already have the tools and skills to cut the can open, remove the crap and then weld it back up then it would probably be cheaper and definitely be easier to trawl eBay till a suitably loud 2nd hand aftermarket can that fits shows up and buy it. Bonus is you also have your old stock can for when you sell the bike/need an MOT.
  7. £300 I'd be looking for a 2nd hand desktop. A laptop at that price is going to be a very basic web browser and a nightmare for video editing. I edit my videos on either of my desktops. One is an i5 clocked at 4.5GHZ, sli'd GTX670's, 16GB RAM and all drives are SSD's, the other is an old 6 core AMD Phenom II clocked at 3.9GHZ, with a GTX570, 8GB RAM and traditional hard drives...... it's absolutely fine for mucking about editing helmet cam footage, infact you'd struggle to notice a lot of difference between them. You could probably pick up a similar spec (or better) desktop used on eBay with
  8. As you are not a biker you will have to take my word that this is infact my H2R http://i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh504/wr6133/LPIC5199_zpsjq1i3eyx.jpg
  9. My wife bought me one of these, a few months back, as she kept taking my other helmet cam to use in her car. A brief rundown of what matters 1080p @30FPS. Image quality is good, blues/greens seem a touch off but you can actually sort that by fiddling with various settings 720p @60FPS...... is a myth, it just doubles up the frames so either use 1080 or if you want 720 just do it at 30FPS. Battery is removable, the cheap basic GoPro has a fixed battery, the advantage of a removable one is when it wears out you do not have to buy a whole new cam. Extra batteries for the SJ can be boug
  10. It's a drain/overflow pipe, every carbed bike has them and they hang down. By randomly connecting a leaky one to something it is not meant to connect to you are now filling something with the leaking petrol.
  11. The law doesn't seem to count bikers as people that is far from an isolated example. Infact if you want to murder someone sit them on a motorbike and run them over, you'll get a few hours litter picking and a small fine.
  12. SJCam SJ4000, a good bit cheaper than the entry level gopro. Good enough picture quality. Removable Battery so it's not garbage when the battery clocks it (unlike the entry gopro). Just be sure to get a genuine SJCam one not a knock off. Here's a video from one (set youtube player to 1080) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f80c0H0yU4A
  13. MT seem decent on a budget. Crashed in a couple of them and they held up. My current daily lid is an MT Coyote flip front, no fancy stuff like sun visor or pinlock but the basic lid is comfortable, well made and less noisy than some more expensive ones I have.
  14. Is it a genuine SJCam? Cam should be marked up like this http://i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh504/wr6133/LPIC5219_zpskajmsqy7.jpg Manual should look like this http://i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh504/wr6133/LPIC5220_zpsdrhsz1nq.jpg Box like this http://i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh504/wr6133/LPIC5218_zps2t3vxmf4.jpg and there should be a scratch off panel on the side of the box that reveals a code to input on the SJcam webshite to see if it's genuine http://i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh504/wr6133/LPIC5217_zpsvba1tzt8.jpg Final way to check is then update with the lates
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