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    Bikes, cars, music (mainly rock/metal) but other stuff too!! Engineering
  1. My friend scourced an engine for now, will probably do something with the old one at some point. We had to drive to the other side of Brighton (I think it was 86 miles each way from Southampton) to collect it. All seems good so far just need to get his exhaust sorted and find a front engine mount bolt as the original is seized beyond belief!! Here's the engine in my boot (you wouldn't beleive what you can fit in a mk3 fiesta) http://i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh509/B8zey155/c9a0d1bf2676e3cdb11abe2f6a6288d6.jpg Engine in the frame which was a pain with only two people and limited space!!
  2. If it gets re built then well be doing it ourseleves, shouldn't be too difficult as I've done similar things before!! However I was very impressed with how much the piston actually managed to f**k itself!! Lol
  3. Hello people!! Basically I get a phoncaall from a mate on Monday morning telling me his bike has blown up, it locked the back wheel doing about 60 with him on it :s So yesterday I went to have a look, I found it Definately has blown up, I think a valve has got stuck open, or not been shutting fully and has basically hammer it's way through one of the pistons!! It Definately needs a new piston, probably best to get the pair?? And I'd say a new head as it does appear to have some damage, anyways here is a picture of the piston, http://i1249.photobucket.com/albums/hh509/B8zey155/afa73142d1
  4. Easy ain't it?? I have to mine for the 3rd time soon to do my test!! I think it's a rip off tbh!!
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