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  1. I have ridden for many years but just passed my full bike so would just like to add the following warnings for all new big bike riders because these are the things that are not said. 1. its very easy to get carried away riding in a group at speed which is fine until they enter a corner they know but you don't and it tightens don't worry about looking cool because you wont after. Worry about getting used to your bike properly before you try matching your mates speed. 2. The new rear torque is great just be wary of pulling away on poor ground gravel wet grass mud whatever because you will
  2. although it was a few months back this is the full version of my mod 2. On the day of the test it was raining hard. i had all the right gear but my dad who was riding the bike from his house did not so i text him offering to cancel but didn't get a reply. When i arrived at mitcham there was my dad soaked to the skin. (MY dad has trader insurance and can ride anything) Since riding the bandit 600 the day i bought it some months before i had not used it again but was riding a geared varadero so i was nervous. I was praying to get mags a stunning foreign examiner who was always friendly put
  3. Steve that sucks but on a plus you fine and happy to continue. I had the same thing a while back on a ride with some big bikes went really fast into a corner following them then thought oh hell. with more training on tracks i could lean it further but as it is i didnt crash so i was lucky. small accidents are a lot better lessons than making the same mistake at high speed resulting in serious harm. Its the people that have near misses then still ride the same that concerns me you should always evolve and learn from what you do. good luck with your test.
  4. I picked up a pair of classic hiviz flexothane work trousers and they were awesome however they were bright orange. i recently found flexothane bib and braces trousers in navy. the first pair can go on roadside the bib pair not really. these things do not leak for love nor money and seem to last a long time
  5. I brought this jacket from a friend who it didn't fit properly. This jacket goes for about £550 and my last jacket was £180 alpinestars drystar. I got this jacket because it has pro layer meaning the the goretex is bonded to the outer so no inside membrane. the alpine stars would get heavy in sustained rain 1hr plus and although i stayed dry would takes hours to dry out. this meant stopping for lunch was ok until you had to put the heavy sodden wet cold jacket back on. The streetguard is a different animal all together it does not gain any weight whatsoever that i can notice. The outsid
  6. i would never ever by cheap unbranded gloves thats very risky. if you go down there is a fair chance they well tear to pieces.
  7. put your gloves inside? gloves have enough of a problem being waterproof without them being worn over sleeves
  8. not a bad idea but im not sure i like my fingers being joined. i tried a pair of spada mits they were awful super huge and would bunch up on the throttle etc. i might have a look for these. thanks
  9. if the liner is not removable take off the visor and was the helmet in a sink with baby shampoo. to push a towel in side and try to get it as dry as possible then simply pop in the tumble dryer. im just joking either hang it above a radiator or fold a towel place on top of radiator and the helmet on top or a large 2 litre bottle on top of the rad and put the helmet over the top put a folded towel on the floor next to it if there is any possibility you could knock it off. i wouldn't want freebreeze on my head
  10. get some cones or water bottles full of water. its really good to practice but yeah different weight on the big boy. low speed clutch control is where the practice matters.
  11. I leave a 4/5 foot gap behind cars i dont worry about seeing ahead due to the fact i can see over the car. lorries and vans i stay more to the right when stopped and riding and give a bigger distance for both. i dont need to have a big distance when stopped because unlike many i don't race to filter as soon as the vehicle in front moves. When it moves i then move and if its safe to filter i do so i don't chop around trying to constantly find the quickest way because im on a bike im in no rush and chopping around is rarely faster in london anyway. your right i ride slower than some people but a
  12. i have been looking for decent gloves for a long time as have most. i had alpinestars drystar they keep you dry but get heavy and take forever to dry out. im really looking for gloves that work the same as my streetguard ie the waterproof layer is on the outside. the 3 choices of gloves that i have found that may repel well are as follows. richa cold protects. top marks in visordown tests bering focals infinity rate them as their best set of winter gloves. knox zero 2 they have outdry tech now i know for a fact the knox are coated on the top layer and are said to let nothing through
  13. flexothane bib and braces in navy blue. £27 nothing goes through them including torrential rain then any over jacket for the top
  14. as far as i can figure out there are 4 types of waterproofs. 1. gear that says its waterproof but you get drenched in it. 2. gear that has a waterproof liner 3. gear that has a waterproof outer 4. waterproof over gear. 1. this covers alot of really cheap gear and is basically rubbish say jackets under £50 2. this is broad but can go from £80 spada jackets to £300+ alpinestars. The problem is with liner jackets is some repel water from the surface due to coating that wears off after a while and some never have the coating to start with. liner jackets are fine if you are going to one
  15. to Joe85: yeah erith is up down up down all the time and the roundabouts are big. I think your talking about Dave teller. I heard awesome things about him but I messaged him asking for one day mod 1 training after lots elsewhere he said he would do 3 day with some mod 2 I said I only wanted mod 1 first but he insisted 3 day at 400 I think which peed me off alot. for a new rider I would recommend him from what I hear but for me it was not suitable at all.
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