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  1. £15,100 OTR in the UK. Other than the price.....what's not to like?
  2. Too much interweb porn....makes you go blind apparently.....
  3. @fastbob Feck. Thought I'd check in and see the finished article. Not even started. Back to the Capital Punishment thread for entertainment.
  4. Took out a 4G broadband with 3. Cancelled it within hours of the router arriving. £15 a month for unlimited data. Sounds good. It was until neither me or the Mrs's work laptops couldn't connect due to using a VPN. Called 3, yes that's right we block VPNs. FFS. Why didn't they say this up front, especially with so many people working from home at the moment. Got Virgin Media down to £22.77 a month from £39.78, so not too bad in the end.
  5. Wife and daughter started in the summer. They still go out 3 times a week or I will take the daughter out when the wife is injured/can't be arsed* - * delete as appropriate. Stick at it. Great for controlling weight and mental health. I run around 45 miles per week over 7 days, week in week out but a long way from my 70+ mile weeks I used to run. I've taken approx 4 st off in weight and kept it off. Complete change in lifestyle. Not easy, but you get out of it exactly what you put into it.
  6. Update List: XTreme Swagman Bender gymwitch dynax Tiggie Six30 learningtofly Liveware Problem James in Brum Bianco2564 rennie skyrider Mickly Ian Frog JRH Mississippi Bullfrog Tankbag peatear Shepherd Mr Fro husoi MarkW Tango Old-Codger Runningman
  7. Quite right. Please come back and let us know how she gets on in her Mod 1 and 2 tests.
  8. Normally a non-refundable deposit of around £250 will reserve you a new bike. If it's a popular model with a reasonable waiting tine they may even make it a refundable deposit, as they know they'll have someone else who will snap it up by the time it arrives at the dealers. Got your eye on anything in particular?
  9. I was with Hastings Direct for our 2 cars and motorbike. They declined to quote at renewal time for the cars but gave me quote for the motorcycle which I yhen declined. Haven't made a claim in years (20+) so why the wouldn't requote....?
  10. Looking great! Impressed at the quality of your work. Kudos where due.
  11. [mention]Mawsley[/mention] Pretty sure he collected his new Triumph Tiger after lockdown and gave it a glowing review. Dunno if it was the 900 though.
  12. I dunno though Rich.......imagine having to babysit a bunch of knuckledragging, whinging bellends. Perfect training for being a Mod on this forum!
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