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  1. Hi Ian Thanks for the offer, but I think I am sorted for now!! The garage now has an alarm and full CCTV, I also purchased a car (cheaply) to sit in front of the garage doors, so they cannot get to the door- it is just a pain in the backside that every-time I want to go into the garage I have to move the car.
  2. Yes- when you see them in bits on your drive, they are quite flimsy
  3. It's a funny one as no one knows how they will react until they are in that position. Earlier this year I had 8 youths try and rip of my garage door in the middle of the night to get my bikes. My neighbor set of his house alarm and they scarpered. The door had to be replaced (it look like the lid of a tin of pilchards after you open them) I replaced it with a new roller shutter door- 3 days after fitting that they wrecked that trying to get to the bikes (some of them ram the door with their bodies, it flexes the bottom and the others rip the slats out) I then had to replace that do
  4. I wouldn't worry about a big bike. I passed my DAS and my first big bike was a ST1100. I paid for it to be delivered and was sh*t scared the first time I had to get it out of my garage (my drive slopes backwards and sideways as well) As it was a big bike I gave it a lot of respect and used to practice the slow speed maneuvers unitl I became really comfortable with handling it. I think if I had purchased a smaller bike I may have injured myself as I think I may have been tempted to throw it around a bit more in the early days. Moved from St1100 to St1300 and never had a problem- I c
  5. Nice looking bike. Is that Luton Hoo?
  6. It will keep you busy. What are the other bikes?
  7. I was going to like your post- then thought it is not something to like. I'd be absolutely gutted, I hope the scrote who pinched it end up in a wall.
  8. In "my side" of the garage (effectively a single) I have 3 bikes side by side with space to squeeze down the side. The rest is taken up with a pillar drill, 2 x 150x75cm benches, a 75x100cm fabrication bench, a welder & gas bottles, a toolbox stack, a couple of draw units, a grinding bench thing, a reasonable size lathe, and there's still loads of space left for assorted shite! You've just got to get organised. Thanks. Being organised is my worry
  9. Would anyone who has 2 bikes and a single garage mind posting some pics of how they fit in? The reason I ask is that I currently have a double garage and am looking to move house- I have found a house I like but it has a single garage. I am slightly concerned about the single garage as I have 2 bikes, table lift, 100l compressor and welder (plus other crap) and am worried about fitting it all in.
  10. They are always priced to good to be true and located in far away places. I think they are hoping that once in a thousand time when some muppet pays for it without seeing it
  11. sm0129


    Have you powder coated the ABS ring? its probably not picking up a signal anymore.
  12. Finally got the MT350 ready for its MOT- but it wont be getting one for a few weeks. I heard a house alarm going of, then 5 minutes later my door bell goes. It was my neighbor and he said that 8 youths were literally ripping my garage door of, he set his alarm of and they scarpered. I think it is the MT they are after rather than the Honda- as they like riding trials bikes over the fields. I have just got what resembled a bent piece of metal back in the hole and have put 20no 3"screws around the edges- they wont be getting in, but I also wont be getting my bike out either If there is a
  13. Put new tyres on MT350. I was going to pay and get them done, but thought I had best learn in case I need to change the tube when out trailing. Bloody hell- on a nice clean garage floor it nearly killed me,I have no idea how I would do it on a muddy track
  14. Don't you mean not overloaded? Maybe I can get a cheap scale to make sure is always under 150kg. Most European countries refer to the law of the origin country for mc towing. The frame will be steel yes, and there are quite a few companies that sell all the accessories for the trailer. so I should be easier. Now I have the box I can start designing the frame to fit. Would Ali box section be better? It’s lighter and would carry 150kg easily ( you should look at dinghy launch trailers to see what you could do)
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