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  1. Looking for anyone who rides 125cc or maybe 250's max to ride out with only because I have a 125 and it gets boring on my own
  2. still not even sure if i can make it this year but if i do ill pay for everything the day before! stupid work only pays me on the 15th!!!
  3. looking for people to go on ride outs with every now and then who live in Gloucester or near
  4. is the cost of the room included in the price??
  5. anyone live in Gloucester and willing to ride up with me?
  6. jesus and your on a 125 as well!! long ride that mate
  7. well i sprayed the fuel injectors and it hasn't happened since but i don't really think that as worked?
  8. Yeah ive found a route to get there will take an hour or so but still it'll be worth it
  9. the engine warning light comes on and then it cuts out, wait for it to go off then start it back up again and boom no problem?
  10. dont suppose anyone else has had this problem with there YBR?
  11. how long was your CBT overall? mine was from 8:45 till 4:30
  12. I sat my CBT about 3-4 weeks ago, I spoke to the guy on the phone and asked how much it would cost noticing that most other CBT places cost about £100 a pop, however this guy said £20 down the phone which sounded promising. I turned up one hour early and waited for him to arrive, turns out he said £120! not happy
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