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  1. regardless of what I do im doing a2 im saying ive got extra cash to do it fir the fun effectlively
  2. so I am coming up to 18 and as CBT's are only valid for 2 years I need to renew. I have some extra cash kicking around and thinking about A1. whats peoples views or advice do I do a1 or just renew cbt?
  3. so I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for roads and destinations to ride when the weather gets better. ideally in sussex ive been round kent areas like new Romney etc and was looking for something more in the west any ideas?
  4. Any 125cc riders around Sussex wanting to meet up for a ride at some point
  5. What are people's views and reviews on buffalo textile jackets In terms of durability and waterproofness Thanks
  6. Whats acu? Could I get one on provisional as someone said they are different licenses
  7. What are the absolute bare minimum requirements that you need for track days?
  8. whats the best textile waterproof for the best price atm? my akiko ones are shiteeee
  9. may possibly come out as I might be meeting my dad at rye that evening
  10. So my dad told me that on a Wednesday there are loads of bikers that meet In rye. Just sort of a turn up and socialise type of thing does this still happen Often?
  11. this maybe a bit far fetched but does anywhere do like 125cc track events or anything like that?
  12. Hi. You still need to complete a cbt to take your A2
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