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  1. http://i600.photobucket.com/albums/tt88/staningrimsby/Motorbikes/Kawasaki%20ZX6-R/zx6r-1.jpg
  2. Don't worry about it the Mod 1 shit is the hard bit now your just going out for a ride, as long as your safe and don't do anything stupid you will be fine
  3. If it helps I used to half the distance when I was practicing and it didnt take to long to master, then when test day arrived the distance was doubled and I though I could do it in an arctic was very easy.
  4. Personally mate think of a naked bike you like then look into the pros and cons of it and see if its right for you everyone will have any opinion on what they do and dont like but that doesnt mean thats what you think. For me I dont like naked bikes but thats my choice, go with what feels good to you fella but test ride as many as you can first.
  5. Well if the weather is good Deso lets make a day of it again
  6. Just relax mate and enjoy the ride, observe all road signs and make all the relevant checks, don't go over the speed limit and you will be fine.
  7. I had the baby Vara as well number1barber whilst I was learning, it was black on an 09 plate lovely bike and a big size defo doesn't look like a 125, enjoy it and ride safe mate
  8. Congratulations Kirium I did the same in the same sort of conditions, only slightly but it did happen and the examiner said due to the conditions and I was in control it was ok but if it had happened in the dry it would be an instant fail.
  9. Hey Kim don't give up you will get there, what part of the country are you in if you don't mind me asking there maybe someone nearby that will give up some time to help you, I will if your anywhere near the Grimsby area.
  10. Well done mate like Glorian says the mod 2 is loads easier
  11. When I did my mod 1 it was £180 for a days training then the test the next day if you failed it was another £110 for the test fee, the bike hire and the instructor for as long as it lasted. After that mod 2 was £280 for a days training and then the test, not sure about re-test fees as I know mod 2 is more expensive, I think in general the test centre charges around £15.50 for mod 1 and £75.00 for mod 2 anything over that is going to the training school.
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