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  1. Hi guys, I was hoping to be able to do my A2 before my cbt expires but there's no mod 2 booking soon enough so unfortunately I have to do me cbt again. The person I spoke to today when making the booking for my mod 1 said that all in all, including the cbt, it's going to cost about £740 assuming I pass first time. I can't help but feel like that's quite alot when I've seen people with no experience get the whole package for less than £500. Would I really require the amount of training that I'm going to get with what I'm paying? How much training should you require if you've been riding for
  2. Thats just the sort of thing Im after, ill get the full version. Thanks mate Also good luck with your theory
  3. Hello guys, I am finally old enough to do my a2 I've been counting down the days since getting my 125 two years ago, not that I didn't enjoy that time though. I'm going to be booking my theory test in the next couple of days but I'm not sure how much time to allow for revision etc. The next available day is nearly a month away, surely that's enough time. What is a good source of information that I can go over to prepare? I've done some mock tests online and past a couple but failed a couple as well so I definitely want to prepare a bit more for when I do the real thing. Cheers
  4. Somehow forgot I posted this and I've just seen it now. Thanks for all the kind words
  5. I got the Mercedes apprenticeship Everyone I have spoke to at MB have been really friendly so I'm happy with the decision. Cheers for the responses guys
  6. I had heard that Honda had the best training in the industry.
  7. I think MB is the way to go then, just gotta hope I get the position now
  8. Hi guys I'm in the process of getting a car service tech apprenticeship and I've got a bit of a choice to make. For Mercedes-Benz, I have gone through tests, phone interview, actual interview and I just recently finished a work trial. If what the tech's at Mercedes said was anything to go by, I should (hopefully) be offered the position. I'm still waiting to hear back from them whether or not I have got the job. I applied to Honda over a month ago and I have just got an email today saying they want me to do a phone interview. I'm going to do the phone interview no matter what but the thi
  9. Funny that I should see this thread at 3:30am as it's half term and I've got no college tomorrow, just had to leave a comment... That's actually quite scary seen as I'm already starting to notice birthdays coming round quicker and quicker...
  10. Saw this on reddit and thought I'd share it here as I'm sure some will be interested in watching it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wrlhvR5vHU
  11. KTM21

    Post removed?

    The sort of comment I would 'like' but I can't find the button lol
  12. KTM21

    Post removed?

    Ah okay, I'll post it again then
  13. Was my post removed? If it was then why? It was the one of the close call I had yesterday.
  14. What I was thinking just couldn't explain it
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