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  1. A non programmed key shouldn't feck the ECU, just fail to work IMHO. However, a mis-wired ignition barrel could, but you'd have to try hard to do that if you bought one with the right plug/socket already attached. Puzzled Nige
  2. ...Bump... Well, provided the weather isn't completely rank I will be moochin' around Margate. Nige
  3. Just a thought, if Trading Standards are out how about Watchdog? Matt is a biker, if you go down the 'worried about safety' route... Petrol dripping out through a rust hole onto hot engine and the bike was only xx months old. Then chuck in all your bad service points Nige
  4. I have just bought a secondhand one of these for my son. We looked all over his bike (YBR125) for a suitable location and ended up mounting it on his lid! Out of the box it all looks well made and fit for purpose. It has just a small lcd screen on the front and an led for feedback. There is no screen to review your footage. The setup is via a cyclical menu. You can choose between one shot, three shots, repeated timed interval (2,5,10,30,60 secs)shots, 10 second delay and video. In video mode there are 3 resolutions (it's the 960). 960p = 1280x960 or 720p = 1280x720 or WVGA 848x480
  5. Couple of things I don't understand... Rust bad enough to make a hole in the tank, yet the bike was only a few months old? If the tank had been run over it woud be in a very bad shape, not just have a rust hole! Trading standards surely? Fuse blows once on a new bike - happens, but warning signs. Happens again, obviously something wrong check it out or get it checked. Remember, just repacing fuses doesn't solve the probem. Chain that loose, i would recommend before you get on your bike check the chain with the toe of your boot a couple of times a week. Bits falling off! I'm gu
  6. Link to google map OR Clicky HTH Oh and @ littlecat - I normally only have a silent p when wearing a wetsuit (as opposed to a wet suit) Nige
  7. Hi, I'm from the Dover area and quite happy to go for a spin if you like @SprintyNige Nige
  8. well whitstable high street is often a right b@ll ache, so use the old thanet way and come off at Chestfield for the Whitstable bends
  9. I am close by, and love the marina. Know the chippie too Always fancied a gander in the tunnels too, but didn't know they were actually going to open them at last. Unless I have to pop to Dorset i'll be there If you are sick n tired of Motorway when you get to Faversham, turn off and go through Graveney>Seasalter then pop back on at Whitstabubble. Also the old Maidstone > Canterbury road is quite fun, again off at Fav' but cross over the Motorway head for Ashford, turn left at Crossroads Motors. If you havn't been down for a while, there is new carriageway and roundabouts a
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