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  1. Ah! Im insuring a honda nc700x 2012. 4000 miles yr, no ncb, locked compound, held license 1 day, 25yrd old. Initially ive got qoutes for over 1000. A lot of money considering you only do 4000miles
  2. Getting ridiculous qoutes for insurance! Cheapest one so far is 800pounds a yr. Isn't that a bit steep?
  3. Oh yesss! One more payday (25th) of November and ill be getting my first ever motorcycle. Leaning towards an NC700X atm
  4. feeling ontop of the world at the moment! I can't believe it but I've actually passed my full unrestricted motorcycle test! With 4 minors, I am quite pleased with my success! A special thank you to Jan at Camrider Harleston. If you want to pass your test first time, she's the person for it! And i must say you get your money's worth! She often took me out for rides well over 5hrs when I only paid for 4. A very happy Swede! Michael
  5. Got to the test center on the 15th and the bloody thing had been cancelled due to the strike ( mod 2 ). Oh well I had a free lesson, surely that can't hurt. Unfortunately my next test is 830 in morning which leave no time for warming up... Any advice on that? 30th October. Regards Michael
  6. Yes, you need to complete a Theory questionnaire and Hazard perception, even though you've already done it for a car. Michael
  7. Big fat congratulations from Norfolk! Way to celebrate the weekend! Get'n!! Michael
  8. Hello! Just passed my module 1 first time with no minors at ipswich test center. module 2 on the 15th. Celebrating with a nice drink tonight! Cheers & Happy Thursday everyone! Michael
  9. I haven't ridden anything heavier than a bicycle in the last 10years. Its quite handy to have those 8 months under your belt. I was expecting the day to be quite easy, but actually found it quite difficult. Luckily im a quick learner but those damb indicators i kept forgetting to cancel haha. It'll come in time! well worth it as the freedom i felt as i accelerated on the single carriage way..... the engine roaring and vibrating under my bottom! Wind hitting the helmet as you went faster..... I can feel the butterflies in my belly writing this... Extraordinary feeling! One of the best
  10. Well I've now booked in for my DAS. My instructor reckon i need 5 sessions. My module 1 is 2nd of October and my module 2 17th of October. Sooo soo far away :'( I guess it's worth the wait just wish i could do it sooner.
  11. We never done the swerve. I just passed my theory test first timw 48/50 and 56 on hazard perception. Now straight onto DAS. Oh congratulations glorian on passing!
  12. I'll book myself in for DAS tomorrow. Hopefully I'll pass
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