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  1. That sounds like the fuel injectors clogging up its a very common problem happened on mine after 300 miles i now have an inline filter on the fuel pump too safe guard the the fuel injection system, these can be swapped out when needed and cost a couple of quid.
  2. Ok thought id update this a bit as its now done a few more miles ran in etc. Ok so first off the fuel pump issue thats so well known my advice is add an inline fuel filter so this blocks rather than the pump, also try using fuel with as little ethanol in as possible as its this which strips the coating from the tanks, I've been using texaco super which contains zero at present. First thing about the ride of this bike its lovely between 30/50 mph it also accelerates nicely enough which will keep you ahead of the traffic from lights etc it filters through traffic very well too as its fairl
  3. you'll get all you need for under £100 if you look about i think i paid about that for mine it was reduced in the sale as well half price 5 stars in the sharp test and a acu gold sticker, remember weather you pay £50 0r £500 if you come off and knock it you got to replace it and i know what id rather replace just shop around for deals
  4. Hey with this being such a common bike and no review for it i thought id share my thoughts on the first few hundred miles Cost £2400 new Low down Fuel injected 125cc commuter 4 stroke can handle speeds of about 65/70 but is in its element between 30-50mph can manage 150mpg, a guy on the CBF owners club managed 406 miles on a full tank which is about £12 worth of fuel What i have liked its surprisingly not too small i am 6ft and theres lots of room, you'll save lots of money using this bike insurance is real cheap and its likely the most fuel efficient bike out there. it goes ok and
  5. On my CBT a couple of months back it was the lifesavers and forgetting to cancel indicators that were my problem, I've raced motorcross since the age of 4 so handling was fine but looking back and indicators were two very new things for me! i did pass but was annoyed with myself
  6. Hi there Bought one of these new back in 2004, first thing i will say this bike is bomb proof is basically a CG 125 with a supermoto look the bike can handle some light green laning but seat height is low and the suspension is soft but will soak pot holes etc its also a confident bike in the wet just get those pirellis on there. In the time i had mine it had no issues at all just change the oil every so often and away you go speed wise 55mph, it can pull away well compared to my current CBF 125. Who do i think this bike will suit? Someone on a budget who wants a reliable bike thats bi
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