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  1. The thought of everyone is out to kill you seems a little out dated now IMO. I doubt very much the car drivers are trying to kill you. Accidents happen, that's why they are called accidents not "attempted murder/ murder, manslaughter etc unless they deliberately knock you off", there is a reason something happened. I see it all the time at the moment with riders getting impatient or using inappropriate speed/ road positioning for the situation, tail gating, dodgy overtakes to get a clear run and a nice bit of road, riding too close to traffic when filtering up to traffic lights, cr
  2. Taxi driver in Cardiff a few years back said his mates Suzuki Hayabusa was over 300bhp and it would do over 250mph. I asked if it was a drag bike or heavily modified and he said no its stock, factory let this one out a little hot (*wink wink*), he rides it all the time, fast as **** he is, no one can touch him round here. Now I know there are some heavily modified Hayabusas out there with bonkers BHP and top speeds but a stocker out the factory... Generally when someone uses the term fast as **** I always take it with a pinch of salt as I've seen these "fast guys" get dusted by s
  3. I used one of the R&G rear shock tubes on my Dorosoduro, I left it on their for 2 years solid and when I did take it off there was no rust and the shock looked like new. As said above I may have been lucky as I'd always washed the bike if it had been out in the salt but most of the year around Herefordshire there is always mud kicking around so didn't want it gumming up around the shock. If you are paranoid then cover the rear shock in ACF50, wrap it and leave it. It's only Zip ties that are used to securely fasten it and you can buy the re-usable ones so you can take it off and wash
  4. I don't have an obnoxious exhaust but it always sets of dogs when going past, it was the same on my Dorsoduro. I've had a few dogs off leads run towards me or after me which was pretty scary as thats going to hurt hitting something like a Labrador or similar/ bigger dog. A lovely exhaust note sounds fantastic but straight pipes, race systems on the road are a little excessive IMO. My brothers system on his RSV sets of car alarms when going past and now I drop back through built up areas as I don't want to be associated with him!
  5. I bought this to wind my neck in a little on the roads and to have something to potter around on whilst COVID-19 sorts itself out and this it does perfectly. What model was it? Late 2018 with the stiffer suspension updates. When did you buy it and how much did it cost? May 2020 and paid £5500 with only 650 miles on it. Good points? Very lightweight (186kg wet) and nimble to throw around on twisty roads/ filtering. Fairly frugal on fuel providing you don’t wind it open everywhere. I usually get around 120-140 miles before the light comes on. Put some sticky rubber on it
  6. I've switched to my left hand up like a non-moving wave rather than nodding, works much easier for large groups as well
  7. Unfortunately not on close-ups and I am now back with wooden stocks so couldn't grab a fresh one, I don't think the admin would appreciate rifle photos on a motorcycle forum.
  8. Yeh I have. Watched quite a few YouTube tutorials on it. Decided to leave that for another day cos I know I’d likely be unhappy with the first dip n find myself scrapping wet paint off a lid! Have you tried it? Not on anything motorcycle related but I have done it for rifle stocks and after a few practice attempts and watching videos on youtube it's actually not that difficult. Admittedly these were just single matt colours which meant it didn't really matter on angles/ placement etc but once you have "the dip motion" sorted it is pretty quick and easy. I picked up a cheap plasterer
  9. Just a thought but have you considered hydro dipping it instead?
  10. Mine isn't, in fact the two cost me only slightly more than I was paying for one. Same for me with BeMoto, extra bike of similar value was an extra £50 for the year on the Titanium plan. BeMoto have always been great and better value than the normal suppliers for me when you factor in recovery, legal and helmet and leathers. They even do track insurance and if you buy 6 days in one it worked out at around £60 per day compared to £105 per day if buying adhoc.
  11. I've always fiddled with tyre pressures but like everyone has said its very bike/ rider and tyre specific. Most bikes that have said 36/42 I've usually ran around the 34/36F and 36/38R for on-road all year apart from that one time when we had a 30+ degree summer for nearly 6 weeks and then I dropped them further. CBR600s - road 34/38 - Dunlops KTM 950SM - road 34/34 - Dunlops Dorsoduro 750 - road 32/32 - Dunlops GSX-R600 - road 36/38, track 32/30 - Dunlops unless a really hot day and a grippy track then dropped further GSX-R750 - road 36/38 - Dunlops and Pirellis ST675R - road
  12. Don't keep us in suspense, which wipes? Sorry, these wipes: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01N4JRFL4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 not perfect but certainly help!
  13. I'm pretty blind and have wonky eyes so I wear contacts for sports and nights out but I find for me that glasses give a much crisper view at a distance when riding a motorcycle, which to me was more important than the inconvenience of wearing them. That said a lot of my friends use contacts whilst on the bike with no issues at all and just carry a few spares in case something goes wrong. It protects my eyes from bugs and dirt when I have the visor open and I just accept that they can mist a little (much less now I have found wipes that work). Each to their own and just find what best
  14. I've tried ACF and XCP but always found there was some part that was getting rusty (even with a professional applying it) and me thinking the bikes were protected didn't notice any rust until the spring when it had its deep clean and by that point, it was too late. This happened with ACF one year and then XCP the second, I thought as it was a heavier duty product it would cover me. My previous Aprilia Dorsoduro didn't have any of this during the winter, just a wash after a ride (or rinse if it was dry but salty) and they dried off with a portable leaf blower and then wiped over with WD40 (
  15. Yes it does help a little but it depends on what angle the rain is coming in at and how hard its hammering down. The best thing about a peak in the shorter days is using it to block out the sun when it is low in the sky, combine that with a pinlock protec tint to remove glare and its perfect. I use the protec tint inserts in all my helmets (yes double the price) but it is the best compromise and as I wear glasses it means I don't have to faff with sunglasses or worry about tunnels or staying out later than usual and having to rush home because I have a dark tint visor on.
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