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  1. i reckon some one tried to nick his darling Xena and he saw the dogs out the window .... as luck would have have it he had just finished reading the art of Nunchucks and general bad arse Kung fu shit... went out going loopy with the Nunchucks , the thief ran off @dynax lost control of Nunchucks and they flew out of his hands over the fence and struck old mrs Morris, who he hasn't got on with for years, clean on the bonce,
  2. did you buy it trade or from private buyer ? if it was trade take it back , if private ask em if they know what problem was.
  3. Handy for camping trips...... recommend these, brilliant things best £25 i've spent
  4. When ever someone mentions Scotland .... Midges comes up, they sound horrible little fookers, enough to put you off going.... well them and the Scots.
  5. come on Dynax , whats it about , think of all the moral support we can give you if you share the details with us.
  6. As i explained , you,ll get away with " i tripped and fell on to her " but her waking up in a basement and you strutting round her in a big ginger wig and just your y fronts ........
  7. Really , what like eat out to help out , all that done was encourage every fooker out and to spread it
  8. im sick of getting pissed up indoors... cant wait to stagger out a public house like any self respecting drunk ....
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