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  1. Ezikkiel

    New Toy!

    Someone has advised I check the spark plug, clean the carb, and change the gearbox oil Can anyone help? My knowledge stops at cleaning and adjusting chains sadly
  2. Ezikkiel

    New Toy!

    So got this for free but no idea what the feck I'm doing to see if it runs/fix it. Taken fairings off and cleaned chain up. That's my mechanical knowledge exhausted http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f322/Ezikkiel88/56845001-432B-4F72-9BDA-6FF78D0E487C_zpsmnerupxi.jpg http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f322/Ezikkiel88/1D310B7B-68E1-4423-B483-2A5544E9C603_zps3yizttzn.jpg
  3. I agree with Tango, winter gloves will be a nightmare in the summer, the same way thin vented summer gloves would be a nightmare in the summer. I might have some summer Sparda gloves laying around if you'd like them? Just pay postage, might save you a few quid if budget is tight
  4. I have watched a few reviews on the sena. They all say it isn't waterproof but they have never had any issues riding in the rain :S Must not have any issues then... Buy one to test it Haha im not buying anything if there is a chance im wasting 300 quid Currently use the interphone fm4c i think, cant seem to get music playing whilst using intercom but rest seems to work ok
  5. You got lucky. The jog dial isn't waterproof. A simple Google search will show many others have the same issue as 4 of my units. The only one that was working ok for me was stolen along with my old YBR 125... Definitely some serious quality control issues... I have watched a few reviews on the sena. They all say it isn't waterproof but they have never had any issues riding in the rain :S
  6. and this is why I'm considering getting rid of my GSR and getting a V-Strom. When I had my Daytona every time I got on that thing I felt like I needed to do 8000mph (not that I did of course) whereas a v-strom will not make you feel like being Rossi every damn ride (I hope)
  7. 2013 GSR 6000 on the clock. Did drop it at about 15 mph when I first got it. Garage 'looked' it all over and cost me 600 quid to fix so could of bent something them maybe but would have hoped they saw it? :S No leaks far as I can see. Might have to get it booked in to get the above mentioned checked out by someone who knows how to do these but thank you for advice
  8. Morning all, Hoping some of you could help me out. When I'm riding along I swear my bike leans over so slightly the right. I am convinced I am sat central and upright. I have new tyres and you can kinda see that it could be wearing on the right more than the left. But that depends on what you see I guess. Anyways anyone else have/had this? possible fixes? can bikes do this? if not then it must be me! :S Cheers all
  9. No nails and they changed the valves when the done the tyres! bad workmanship?
  10. Hi guys just put 36 in front and 38 rear feels very nice so might stick with that but front had lost 5 psi since last Tuesday when I last done them
  11. Ezikkiel

    Tyre Pressure

    Hey guys just a quick question my booklet states that the D675 should be 34 front 36 rear ( PSI ) I recently got some Pilot Road 4's fitted and the garage had put 36 front and 42 rear! I have since ( after a week of riding ) lowerd them back down to 34 - 36 they feel better in some ways but a little slippy or less something cant think of the word i would like to use im almost certain i can hear the tyre making more noise now ( front ) but i did see a guy who rode on slighty lower PSI than the booklet and it gave him a higher contact patch. I am considering going 36 front 38 rear. Can any shed
  12. So I had a go at fitting them myself, don't think I done too bad of a job http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e341/Ezikkiel675/Daytona/IMG_20140907_133447_zpssdvhpooo.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e341/Ezikkiel675/Daytona/IMG_20140907_131816_zpsfczrkntb.jpg
  13. Hi all! anyone else had trouble fitting these to your visors? the actual pin-lock silicone visor was just to big for my helmet ( Carberg Ego ) yes i flattened out the visor and yes i had the pin-locks rotated to allow the biggest room but yet soon as i let the visor back to shape the pin-lock visor would fold out away from the visor so the only option i was left with was to cut the slit the pin-lock bobbin sits in to allow more silicone visor to slide through! been a right nightmare!
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