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  1. bike is booked into the garage tomorrow thanks guys!!
  2. so i bought the bike brand new from a Honda Dealer in Scotland and yeah im sure its something to do with an EU law or legislation. spoke to someone today and they said its the 2nd filament. GOD i dont have a clue what that means! does anyone know which bulb would replace it? Its a Honda MSX 125 2014 model. many thanks y'all
  3. Hi, I bought my honda msx a few month back and found that it has the indicators are lit all the time (they flash when turning) and just wandered if this was now mandatory for all bikes or if it can be removed? My bike was knocked over tonight and now one side doesnt stay lit, only flashes when button is pressed... so i now have a bike with the right indicator always on and the left out. any ideas?
  4. Looking to buy some winter handlebar grips for the bike to ride through the year.. anyone got experience with heated grips? Good and bad? Whats good for the money? And how easy are they too fit?
  5. Aww see now im stuck! because i just spoke to Honda on the phone and they said that i shouldn't buy something from america if i don't know much about it! I have been searching for weeks and weeks for a decent alarm that's going to get my attention if someone try's to steal the bike! i don't want one that's going to be shitty and break after a few months. If i buy the scorpio SR i900r i think i will be reassured that its going to work. can you guys post a link to where i could buy one? or know anywhere in the Uk that supplies them? As for the SPY 5000M i just had a quick look and that looks
  6. Looking to buy one for the bike as it seems that having something that tells you someone is at the bike is better than just a fob that activates and deactivates the alarm. I need piece of mind that if i leave my bike and head into a shopping centre that if someone try's to take the bike i will know about it! This one comes at quite a price but i honestly think its worth it (if it works correctly) over a cheap one that's likely to not work or go off when a van drives past the bike or the wind blows! thanks
  7. is that lock for the disc or for the chain... sorry i must look stupid!
  8. Hi Guys, Im currently in the process of searching for the best security products for bikes, I have my Chain sorted, also have my alarm chosen, Just need a good strong Lock and anchor. Does anybody have any in mind that they would recommend? thanks for looking
  9. ended up buying it! Loved it so much and love it even more its mines and i can drive around on it
  10. i will go buy a battery for it and give it a bash, thanks guys
  11. Hi, I came across the Honda MSX 125 on the Honda website and found myself drawn to it straight away! Can anyone on here tell me if its worth the £3000 price tag and if so what's it like to drive and maintain? Thanks Fay
  12. ok. so the bike currently doesnt have a battery in it, could that be the solution? I have just been starting and running it with the kick.
  13. My rev counter on my SYM XS 125 K 2009 is not moving when the engine is revved, infact it doesnt move at all. Could someone please help me resolve this issue as im quite new to the bike world and want to get my hands dirty with the bike. is this a big issue or just a little? Thanks Fay
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