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  1. Earlier this week I had a call in a computer generated voice telling me that HMRC were going to issue a warrant for my arrest unless I pressed 1, or was it 2, cannot remember. So I've got a bag packed with my toothbrush and other essentials in.
  2. They used to be called runcible spoons. As per the Owl and the Pussy-Cat.
  3. Took the FJR in for its brake switch recall, all done now. It was bloody cold sitting waiting for the work to be completed. I was glad to get back on the bike to warm up.
  4. I have a pair of Keis G601 and they have proved to be totally waterproof through 4 hours of heavy rain and they kept my hands warm. You can have them with batteries but I have them wired to the bike, they were about 200 quid. So far so good.
  5. What makes them so much more expensive than say, Gerbing or Keis and what was you decision making process before buying them?
  6. I have lots of things on my "to do" list but meeting up with forum members is not high on that list.
  7. I am as bored with it as anyone, I just keep getting dragged into it. From this point forward I am ignoring any questions that get me dragged into this snake pit.
  8. Look, someone asked me a question and all I did is give my answer. For rectal discharge you would need an arsewipe, you won't have to look far. Do you have mirrors in your house?
  9. It's all about the Septics taking our language Phuquing it up and selling it back to us as original English. Syphon would be the original spelling, both seem to be acceptable these days, not be me obviously.
  10. It certainly looks like the wires could have been too tight and maybe pulling.
  11. Mobile phones with navigation apps make good occasional use devices. If you are going to use a navigation device on a regular basis you should go for a dedicated bike Sat Nav, expensive but worth it in my opinion. You can go for a second hand unit to get the cost down a bit. My preference having used both Garmin and Tomtom is Tomtom. I currently have a Tomtom 550 and the Tomtom app on my phone as a back up.
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