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  1. Well, that's a pretty unanimous response! Oh, Six30 I will check out some Youtube vids before pleading for local help, but may end up pleading
  2. Hi all, I need to get someone to come and fit a new battery to a CBF125 in the next few days - any suggestions for who I should contact? I've had a quick Google but not found anyone yet. I'm just outside the M25 if that helps... Cheers.
  3. Hi Ira, Did you try to contact anyone from the Surrey New Rider's Club? http://newridersclub.webs.com/ I don't know if they are still an active group but there is a contact number on the site which you could try. Someone from there might be very willing to come and help a new local rider on a 1-2-1 basis. Good luck
  4. They seem to have backed off after I emailed them to get lost. Some genuine interest would be good though... I thought July would be a good time to try to sell a 125!
  5. I knew my Spideysenses were right! Thanks guys. He has been told to bugger off. Fingers crossed for some genuine interest
  6. Right, so I finally cleaned my bike! It is now listed on the various sale sites and I had a query from someone on Ebay last night asking if it was still for sale and what my best price was. I replied to the email address they had given me in their query and they have come back with this: "Thanks for your swift response,I'd like to know the rock bottom price you willing to take and also i will be paying by PayPal as it is attached to my bank account. It is safe and secure way to make payment on eBay. I hope you accept my payment method? If you do,can you just send me the email you associate
  7. Congratulations! I grew up in a village about 10 mins from Burton. Not that that is of any interest to you or anyone else Best of luck for Mod 2
  8. Congratulations! It's an amazing feeling isn't it? Happy shopping
  9. Congrats! I passed mine a few weeks ago and still grin when I think about it. It's a great feeling! Best of luck for Mod 2 but I'm sure it will go smoothly - your advice about breathing and taking your time applies equally so to that one. Enjoy the excitement
  10. Very pleased to say I passed my first attempt at Mod 2 today! Its's been just over 3 weeks since Mod 1, with no riding in between, so I was a bit worried how well I'd settle back into riding, but it all seemed to slot into place quite easily and I was very happy to be back on two 600cc wheels There were three of us with the test in the afternoon so we spent the morning doing parts of the various test routes in the area which was enjoyable. We were all riding pretty well so that helped our nerves settle, and before I knew it it was midday and almost time for my test. My instructor h
  11. If he's in 6th gear then he's nicked someone else's bike
  12. The name Mark rings a bell, yes. I'm pretty sure I'm doing Mod 2 in Letchworth - at least I hope I am since that's where we've been riding for the last 3 days of the course! I'm in St Albans but decided to go to Letchworth because of the good reviews of PRT and because they were really flexible about fitting my course dates around work. It's only a 30 minute drive though so not very far. What was Mark like for Mod 2? My instructor said he's a better Mod 1 examiner than Mod 2 but didn't go into lots of detail as to why Do you join the local Herts/Beds ride-outs? There are so many g
  13. Mod 1 passed yesterday at frst attempt After doing my CBT last September I've hardly ridden at all for various reasons but was keen to get my license sorted this summer to stop another year going by. I booked myself onto a 4-day DAS course with PRT Training in Letchworth, Herts, and had my first day on a 600 on Saturday followed by Mod 1 on Monday. By the end of Saturday I had attempted the slalom, figure of 8 and U turn in the car park we used for training but only had a couple of goes - which were less than perfect due mostly to not getting the right lines on the Figure of 8 and no
  14. I tried Fusion for my CBT last year, and while my experience may not be representative all I can say about it is that it was awful. The instructor made us all go on scooters despite me saying I wanted to do it on a geared bike. The training area was tiny, the geared bike he showed us was really badly maintained (he actually said "my boss is a **** and doesn't look after the bikes" ) and the road ride was only about 30 minutes long. The instructor I had was far too interested in chain smoking and looking cool and openly took the piss out of people when they got things wrong too which was
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